Effectiveness of Magazine Advertising

Contrary to what you may have heard, magazine advertising is still a very effective way of reaching your target audience, IF it is done correctly using a well-planned strategy.

Thanks to our 12 years of media-buying experience and relationships with over 2,400 magazines, Integral Media can help you create a strategy to make your magazine advertising more effective.

If fact, we’ve been able to help some of our clients DOUBLE their ROI from magazine advertising without increasing their budgets. If you’re interested in finding out how exactly we do this, fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to schedule a free consultation.

A study performed in the UK for magazine publishers by Mindshare and Professional Publishers Association (PPA) shows the value of magazine advertising. Magonomics investigates the performance of print magazine brands in both driving relationships between advertisers and consumers and inspiring their buying decisions – cost efficiently.

Joint Study by Mindshare And PPA

Integral Media’s owner Eric Sims says, “Mindshare and the PPA use data and analytics to collect, analyze and present data to deliver budget allocation and return on media investment to advertising clients and advertisers around the world. We find their determinations often correct common perceptions. More than of mere interest, their insights help lead Marketers globally to deliver higher ROI to businesses.”

The results demonstrate that magazine advertising provides significant ROI benefits beyond what is delivered by TV and web. Print magazine brands produce higher ROI than expected for business professionals, underscoring the effectiveness of magazine advertising.

Understanding A Marketers Language

Econometric – extracts simple relationships between economics, mathematics, and statistics.

Magonomics – examines the role of print magazine brands in driving bonding between advertisers & consumers and influencing, cost efficiently, their purchase behavior.

Magonomics Study Key Findings Include:

  • Marketers Are Critical Influencers Marketers Are Critical Influencers
    A correlation between printed magazine investment and high bonding scores – the most critical influencer of purchase behavior.
  •  Advertising Increase Sales Advertising Increase Sales
    In the campaigns analyses, magazines show a higher average ROI than any other media channel involved, including television, Internet and newspapers.
  • Magazine’s Double BenefitsMagazine’s Double Benefits
    The study shows that, for the brands included, magazine budgets had to be at least doubled before magazine ROI dropped to the same level as television.
  • It Pays To Increased Magazine Media Allotment Spending
    A series of diminishing return curve and media reallocation analyses show a consistent overall increase in sales when magazine media are deployed at higher spend levels (but within the same overall budget).

Magazine Get Consumers Closer To Brands

A statement directly from the head of research at PPA, Marius Cloete, was poignant: “Our work with Mindshare and Ohal has conclusively shown just how powerful, and frequently underestimated, magazines’ ability are not only to get consumers closer to brands, but to make a substantial contribution to an advertiser’s bottom line when deployed and measured appropriately”. Mediaweek UK reported that, “Mindshare also discovered that the gains made by reallocating budget to magazines were far greater than the losses from the host medium.”

“In exploring how magazines are treated in econometrics, we are able to demonstrate that correctly distributing magazine audiences over time leads to an uplift of 19% in magazine ROI.” ~ Mindshare UK Business Director – Intelligence, Jim Jarrett

Magazine Advertising Yields Highest Substantial Contribution To Advertiser’s Bottom Line

The study observed quantifiable improvements in ROI among those exposed to print magazine advertisements. Marketers who utilize actively engaging magazine advertising that successfully contributes to the overall media mix help drive brand appeal. Television networks and web advertising controlled media appeals to some more than others. Advertisers are interested and concerned that the mass media attract consumers and communicates content that is amenable to consumption. However, the determinate factor is what produces the best ROI. Magazine advertising yields the highest substantial contribution to an advertiser’s bottom line when deployed and measured appropriately.

Marketing Magazine Advertisements To Greater Advantage

Integral Media’s marketing consultants help you determine trends and patterns that can be used in marketing your magazine advertisements to greater advantage. After preparing a magazine advertisement to be presented in the best way, incorporating the most effective creative execution to successfully motivate customers and prospects, reaching the right consumer audience is key. Effective marketing is an ongoing process of communication to maintain relationships with existing customers and build relationships with new ones. Our comprehensive media buyers achieve results in incremental revenue gains that you didn’t have before.

Consistent And Effective Advertising Media

Some might consider magazine advertising to be expensive. However, magazine advertisements can have high-impact with tight targeting. Due to a magazine advertisements longer shelf life there is little waste per dollar spent. Integrated media buyers gain businesses consistent brand message placements that hurdle over infrequency of repetition barriers. When an advertisement message has been identified for generating a positive response and that message is delivered consistently, the number of consumer responses in year two is often double that of year one. It is more about correct ad placement of a driving advertising message than it is about the number of dollars you spend. Integral Media has proven results that demonstrate giving clients the highest value back for each dollar spent.

Exploding Opportunities For Effective Advertising

By using principles of agile marketing and adjusting ad spending for marketing success, business can tweak their ad reach before the conclusion of the fiscal year. At that point, issues that could have been addressed earlier must now be solved in the next year. We lead organizations beyond their own conventional wisdom to increase advertising performance. The disciplines of marketing and advertising to end users are changing as today’s opportunities are exploding. Integral Media’s multi-media consulting services make a difference in bottom lines.

Correctly Distributing To Magazine Audiences

Jim Jarrett, business director of intelligence at Mindshare UK, explained how they examined magazines’ measurement in econometrics to assess performance in the long run. Knowing that magazines do not deliver their entire audience in one ‘easy to pinpoint’ moment, it was a more complicated study. “In exploring how magazines are treated in econometrics, we are able to demonstrate that correctly distributing magazine audiences over time leads to an uplift of 19% in magazine ROI.” said Jarrett.

Correctly distributing magazine audiences is a thrilling experience for integrated media buyers. “We consistently surpass client expectations when it comes to print media because there are so many misconceptions about it,” says Sims.“

Marketing consultants gained stark and clear messages from consumers saying they want to view advertisements in their favorite forms of traditional media. We have all learned to pay granular attention to when the consumer speaks and what they say they want. Clearly, advertisements are going to be given the most attention and are most effective in print magazine ads. Adobe’s research culminated in a report titled “State Of On-line Advertising Study” revealed that traditional media had better be given priority and due place in advertising.

Traditional Forms Of Media Best For Marketing And Advertising

The survey was conducted in October 2012 and lead by Adobe. The percentages varied, however both Marketers and consumers rate traditional media as the best medium for marketing and advertising. The net total for traditional media is 88 percent, while the net total for modern or digital media came in at 40%.

What Source Is Best For Marketing And Advertising?

  • 45 % of all consumers responded saying that traditional forms of media including print magazines, newspapers and TV are best; while 45 % of Marketers agreed.
  • 36 % of all consumers responded saying that traditional forms of media including family, friends, and coworkers are best; while 27 % of Marketers agreed.
  • 28 % of all consumers responded saying that traditional forms of media including consumer forums and publications are best; while 24 % of Marketers agreed.

Where Consumers Prefer Viewing Ads

Print Magazines win out again. The survey results were surprising to many having anticipated that the newest and greatest digital media would be more predominant. In fact traditional media shows more strength from the consumers perspective that from the average Marketer. What consumers truly want is imperative for Marketers to grasp without misaligned perceptions. Favorite print magazines and favorite TV shows are the two most preferred:

  • Apps: Consumers 0%; Marketers 1%
  • Favorite Digital Magazine Favorite Digital Magazine: Consumers 2%; Marketers 3%
  • Social Media Social Media: Consumers 3%; Marketers 2%
  • Window Display Window Display: Consumers 6%; Marketers 2%
  • Billboard Billboard: Consumers 10%; Marketers 4%
  • Favorite Website Favorite Website: Consumers 11%; Marketers 13%
  • Favorite TV Show: Consumers 23%; Marketers 21%
  • Favorite Print Magazine Favorite Print Magazine: Consumers 45%; Marketers 55%

Consumers Don’t Think Digital Is The Best Medium For Advertisements

A low percentage of survey respondents find viewing advertisements on their favorite website is appealing, tallying at a mere 11% of consumers. Even more eyebrow raising, only 3% said that they wanted to look at ads when they are browsing their favorite social media sites. Additionally, while a significant number of media companies have converted the beauty of ink in high gloss magazines to digital versions scaled to run on Android and iPad tablets, only 2% of the consumers responding to the Adobe survey indicate they wanted to see advertisements there.

Consumer Opinion Of On-Line Ads

Consumer messages were as clear on advertising “dont’s” as advertising “do’s”. An overwhelming majority of servey respondents do not like the interruption of advertisments being forced in their promindent view when on the web; 68% of consumers determined that online ads are “annoying” and “distracting”; 54% say online banner ads simple don’t work. While both consumers and marketing professionals agree that marketing is worthy and valued for strategic business needs and paramount to driving sales revenue, there is still a proper place for it, and the preference is clearly in a print magazine advertisment.
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