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Episode 188: The Future of Google Ads and Content Marketing with Kasim Aslam

December 6, 2021 By Kasim Aslam



When it comes to the digital marketing ecosystem, recent developments have leveled the playing field, and the rules have changed.

In today’s episode, host Mark de Grasse sits down with the brilliant Kasim Aslam, founder of Solutions 8, one of the top Google ad agencies on the planet, and co-host of the Perpetual Traffic podcast, a show for people who are running paid traffic campaigns. Kasim has been a part of the DigitalMarketer community for a long time, and he’s an absolute wizard and prophet when it comes to Google ads, whether it’s knowing what to do now or where the market is heading in the future.

Listen in as Kasim explains why he believes we’re living in a content-first world and how to take advantage of “the biggest opportunity of any industry ever.”

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  • Why creating an “evergreen how-to” is impossible and what to do instead
  • What trifecta of events has altered the digital marketing ecosystem (and how)
  • Why you have to deliver content and value (and how to do it)
  • What switch you need to make if you want to be a contender in digital marketing



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