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How to Get the Most Out of Your SmartHub Platform


If you acquired a white-label solution like SmartHub – congratulations! It means you’ve overcome the major challenges of building advertising platform from scratch. Now that you use Smarthub, you get all the necessary system resources at your fingertips to manage and tune your exclusive marketplace according to your needs.

Through the SmartHub dashboard, you can access all pre-installed modules and tools to connect supply (SSP) partners, demand partners (DSPs), manage traffic and quickly respond to any changes that take place inside of your exclusive marketplace. Regardless of whether you are pro or a beginner, this summarized guide will tell you about essential nuances you need to remember in order to get the most of your SmartHub platform.

1. Protect traffic from fraud and Transparency

Who wouldn’t buy a brand-safe authorized inventory? The more good quality inventory your network has, the more demand partners will be after it. As a result, purchases will rise and so will your margins/profits. To ensure that supply partners you’ve integrated deliver only high-quality impressions configure limits for scans on TMT, turn on Forensic Scanner, and Protected Media Scanner, download reports in the dashboard to see how they protect your system from ad fraud. Note: in order to turn on TMT scanner, make sure to negotiate integration of this function into your platform on the stage of deployment.

Smart Hub screen for traffic scanners

Another in-built mechanism that delivers an additional layer of safety and transparency to your system is Sellers.json. Just like adx.txt this file lists all authorized sellers and resellers of inventory from a particular SSP so that demand partners could see who the requests come from. As a SmartHub owner, you can publish it in your network and encourage the standard by SSPs.

seller json option

2. Optimize traffic settings to match supply with demand

Apart from protection, traffic also requires additional optimization. Just a little example, your SSPs have plenty of desktop inventory for mobile and thus produce plenty of bid requests for this traffic type. Meanwhile, the majority of DSPs are willing to buy mobile traffic. Plenty of requests might simply go wasted along with profit opportunities.

In this case, it will be important to analyze the bid rates, win rates and requests during a particular period in order to effectively match demand with supply in the future. It worth to point out that SmartHub has an in-built throttling system that analyzes DSPs’ bid responses. If DSP gives preference to certain GEO, the system will learn this and automatically send more of such traffic to this DSP.

Smart Hub screen

3. Shape up traffic according to metrics

Matching demand with supply according to traffic types (desktop, in-app, mobile), creative sizes, and geos will also matter a lot. These metrics, as well as price per impression, should match on both ends so that outcomes of bidding could be successful.

In your SmartHub dashboard, you can generate statistics for both SSP and DSP according to the endpoint and find out how they performed during the period. With the reporting option, the owners can investigate which sources have the lowest bid rates or which ad formats generate the greatest profit to optimize the network in the future. In the same way, you can inspect mismatches by Bundles and Ips, analyze them and take necessary measures.

  • Geo Statistics

In order to understand what geos/countries bring the best traffic, take a look at the traffic stats distributed according to country. Knowing that traffic from certain countries is getting bought actively, you can enrich your network with such supply in the future.

Smart Hub screen country stats

  • Stats distributed by formats and traffic types

In order to find out what traffic type brings you most profits, take a brief look at the dashboard stats. These stats are displayed according to the format and traffic type so that you could notice which ones convert best.

Smart Hub screen creative types

  • Stats distributed by sizes

Just like you discover which formats, traffic types, and geos perform best, you can find out all about the best advertising sizes in your network. Take a look at the first two columns to inspect the width and heights of the popular formats in your ad network.

Smart Hub screen size stats

4. Balance costs per impression

In order to avoid disadvantageous deals, SSPs usually apply bid floors that establish the lowest price threshold at which deals can be closed. When the owners of the network add their margin percentage to this bid floor the final price per bid is formed and transferred to the auction. It is important to balance that final price to keep it high enough to make profits yet low enough to match the purchasing ability of DSPs. It is recommended to keep the margins between 20-30% so that demand partners in your network wouldn’t buy cheaper inventory from other supply partners (out of your network).

 SmartHub gives you an opportunity to have a quick glance onto dashboard statistics to find out if further management needed.

To sum up

Advertising businesses are different and so are different their requirements regarding traffic types, digital ad formats, and preferable partners. SmartHub provides the owners with all controls and tools that suit the workflow according to specifics of DSP and SSP partners you integrate. Apply extended custom features to streamline media-buying in your marketplace and it won’t take long until it generates only relevant traffic that easily monetizes and brings you outstanding profits.

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