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Clemenger Media Sales is an advertising and media sales agency.
Our exclusive rights to advertising and editorial content packages, in niche and specialist publications, will help you achieve your marketing goals and grow your business.

Project or annual packages.
Through Clemenger Media Sales, each of our publications can put together a package of paid advertising, content, and digital assets, designed to give you an edge over your competition. Either for a short term project or for a longer programme of appearances, we can make you look a category leader to a niche target audience.

Exclusive offers

Want to see an interview with your CEO featured on the front cover of a business magazine?
How about a series of articles about your product or service, spread throughout the year, combined with a supporting ad campaign?
Like a place for your content to actually be seen by the right target audience?
Can we integrate your digital campaign into the online version of a niche magazine with a highly targeted audience?
Want to see what a mix of niche magazines aimed at your target audience would look like?
We can do that.
And more. We have over 50, highly targeted, niche publications that can offer extraordinary opportunities for your business to raise its profile.
Value for money. Laser focussed. Minimal wastage. Economic CPMs.
Let us put a proposal together for you.


SEO Resources from the Search Engines

  • Google Webmaster Guidelines– Google has shared quality guidelines for being included in the Google search engine for site owners. These are worth spending time with, if you would like to have a site listed at the Mountain View Search engine, and want to avoid being penalized by the Search Engine.
  • Google Webmaster Central – Google has provided a number of informational and support pages, where you can learn more about the search engine, and some of the features that it offers, and connect to some of the other features that it makes available.
  • Google Webmaster Central Help Forums – Google provides this forum where webmasters can bring questions about websites that they may own, and contributors to the help forums and Google Employees will often answer questions brought to these forums. If something happens to your site that you may have a question about, this may be a place to get answers that may be helpful.
  • Google Developers – These are pages from Google for Web Designers and Developers, and are often a good place to learn about features that Google offers, including information about Structured Data.
  • Google Trends – Where you can learn about Searcher’s interest over time in different terms and phrases
  • Google Rich Results Testing Tool– A resource to use to test Schema Markup that you add to a page.
  • Google Mobile Friendly Testing Tool – You should test your pages to see how well they work on mobile devices.
  • Google My Business – Google’s Business Directory, and where you submit your site to have it listed in Google Maps.
  • Yahoo Search Help – If you have any questions about the Search Engine at Yahoo, this is a place where you might be able to find answers.
  • Webmaster Central – Bing – Bing’s Answer to Googles Webmaster Tools (which become Google Search Console), and these do seem similar to the older Webmaster Tools from Google.
  • Bing Places for Business – Bings version of Google My Business; a business directory
  • Apple Maps Connect-Where you submit your business for it to be listed in Apple Maps
  • – Information about XML sitemaps from Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, which describes a machine-readable approach that can be used to help pages of sites get indexed by search engines as an alternative approach to a search engine crawler going through a site link-by-link. A whitepaper from Google, titled Sitemaps: Above and Beyond the Crawl of Duty discusses some of the benefits of using an XML sitemap, and some different strategies for setting an XML sitemap up on larger sites that use XML sitemap indexes, and is worth reading if you would like to have a good sense of how XML sitemaps can be helpful.

SEO Resources – Publications and Blogs from Google

The Keyword Google’s blog where they focus upon new features at the search engine.
The Official Google Blog – this one seems dedicated to search at Google.
Google AI Blog – This seems to have been the Google Inside Search Blog, and the Google Research Publications.
Deepmind Publications – The AI Subsidary owned by, and controlled by Google.
Google Calico Publications – Google’s Health research branch publications.

SEO Resources – Publications and Blogs from Bing

Bing Webmaster Blog – This one seems dedicated to site owners who might be listed in Bing.
Bing Blogs – This one is supposedly all about Bing (and may include the Webmaster blog…



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