The Emotional Impact of Branded Content

The Challenge

The campaign’s objective was to increase education of, and conversations around eco-friendly innovation, position Hyundai as a brand pioneering sustainable innovation and unveil their range of environmentally friendly vehicles.

The Solution

Through a three-part, News Native Network Premium Content series, consisting of 3 articles and one video that ran on, Hyundai showcased their commitment to driving significant change by championing extraordinary Australians doing something good for the environment.

Each article featured an innovative local business and explored the initiatives they were taking to make a positive impact on the environment, including:

A five-minute video brought to life the story of drought-stricken communities and appeared on the article featuring Zero Mass Water, and was housed on the Facebook page.

The Hyundai brand was featured in a number of ways throughout the content:

  • Brand logo within ‘brought to you by’ message at the start and end of each article
  • Each article featured an interactive image of one of three Hyundai Eco vehicles. The interactivity allowed each model’s innovative eco-technology to be showcased
  • The video featured Hyundai brand and NEXO model in the ‘Presented by’ message at the start and end of the video, as well as throughout the video at key moments in the narrative


The Results

Partnering with Kantar to conduct the research enabled us to deep-dive into the impact Hyundai’s native content series had on viewers.

To summarise, the content series:

  • Successfully drove brand impact
  • Positioned Hyundai as unique from other car brands
  • Drove purchase consideration for both Hyundai and the Hyundai Eco Range
  • Established Hyundai’s Eco credentials. We saw double digit uplifts as the perception of Hyundai positively shifted to be seen as an industry leader in eco vehicles, pioneering sustainable innovation and creating cars that look good and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Learn more about the results here.