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Top Marketing Consultants Share the Right Insights


Six months into the job as the Director of Market Research for a TV station, I was called into the general manager’s office. He got a letter from the CEO of a local hospital about my activities. Fortunately, it was an encouraging message. In fact, the letter outlined their desire to double their on-air advertising investment and to join us in developing a local public awareness campaign promoting physical fitness. This huge success was the result of a prove-your-worth effort where I was determined to show my value both to advertisers and to the station management. Armed with valuable qualitative research tools, my goal was to share the right insights directly with many of the station’s current advertisers and prospects.

A review of a recent study, Scaling the Value of the CMO, made me recall just how perceptive my mission had been. The thrust of the study, co-sponsored by Chief Outsiders, a nationwide “Executives-as-a-Service” firm, states the case for outsourced, fractional CMOs in company leadership roles. Subscribers to AdMall have access to tools such as AudienceSCAN that provide assistance to marketers struggling with issues described in the study.

When an organization needs to transform quickly to meet market demands and those of the modern customer, an injection of new thinking makes a big difference. Fresh marketing ideas and perspective are needed. According to the study, that is when the C‑Suite believes fractional marketing leaders add the most value to the marketing organization. These leaders often bring their own proven procedures to the table and can act as change agents. There is value to their objectivity and to their marketing world view. They serve to modernize the marketing organization. In short, they share the right insights.

Share the Right Insights

Today, companies large and small count on marketing to deliver more of everything! Sales, customer experience and the justification for investing in technology are just a few of the demands. Fresh perspectives can optimize customer revenue and lifetime value. With the right insights on their customers, your clients can increase loyalty and retention. When organizations turn to outside experts, they tap new ideas and innovations, access objective perspectives and adopt fresh methodologies and practices. In short, your clients may be more willing to listen to ideas from an outsider with a fresh, but credible, perspective.

Imagine yourself as an on-demand marketing professional for your advertising clients. Armed with the superb business intelligence and marketing insight contained in AdMall, you can become the fractional CMO touted in the study. Leaders cite gaps in their organizations such as needing greater customer knowledge and market understanding (37%). They want strong data to inform their decision-making (34%). One third want the ability to make a business case for marketing spend. All of this and more are easily accessible in AdMall and AudienceSCAN. The information is there waiting for you to share the insight.

Ask yourself which of your advertisers could use help in re-organizing their marketing strategies. Recovering from the past 18 months of upheaval has put many of your clients in scramble mode. Many are seeking a higher performing marketing team. Others want a strategy that can sustain their plans for growth. Share the insight and you may find a burgeoning new role for yourself as an information-based, problem-solving marketing consultant.

Tim Londergan

Tim Londergan

Tim is a research contributor at SalesFuel. Previously, he worked as a Sales Development Manager, representing products such as AdMall and AudienceSCAN. Tim holds a B.S. from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University.

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