WA Business News

came to life as a fortnightly newspaper in 1992, offering Western Australia’s business people their first taste of an independently owned news format exclusively about them and for them. We were rebranded to Business News in April 2013. Today, Business News has evolved to become Western Australia’s leading general business news and information service.


In-depth, topical news and business data specific to Western Australia. Our first rate editorial and research team provides analysis of the community’s ever changing economic scene and in-depth features covering some of WA’s most important issues and industries. With additional publications throughout the year, we pride ourselves on delivering not only general business news but specialist content driven by the needs of our readership.


Exclusive Offer: $46,715

As an exclusive media partner with the Business News, your organisation can take advantage of a unique tailor made package with its own individual set of benefits that includes

Complimentary editorials and social posts on news related articles valued at $12,500

^1x Tier1 category buyout of www.businessnews.com.au for a calendar month; valued at $5,750

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Your company logo promoted in both print and digital valued at $5,000

6x Full page print display advertisement; valued at $37,260

10x Masthead banner display ad in BN Weekender email valued at $6,410


Electronic Delivery

Digital delivery is the process of delivering ads electronically. By creating a press-ready PDF, you can deliver every element of your ad – pictures, text and fonts – in one file. Software such as QuarkXpress, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign provide the means to create postscript files used to generate PDF files.

High resolution (300dpi, CMYK) jpeg files created in Adobe Photoshop are also acceptable. Artwork supplied in other digital formats including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Powerpoint and any other format is not considered camera ready and production charges will be necessary.

PDF files are platform independent and once created can be sent using ad delivery portal such as Quickcut, Websend, YouSendIt, Hightail, Dropbox or via email.

General Recommendations

Artwork or photographs must be of quality and sufficiently contrasting in detail to guarantee a satisfactory result.

Image Guidelines

CMYK files to be saved at 300dpi in jpeg format.

PDF Generation

Distiller settings for postscript generation are available upon request. Allow 5mm bleed for front, full and half page advertisements.

Trapping Guidelines

The rips within Business News output sites are set to overprint any 100% black areas regardless of the trapping settings in the original document. To force knockout of a black item on a coloured background, set the black to a value other than 100% (i.e. 99%).

Production Rates

Design Rates

  • Initial minimum charge – $500
  • Hourly rate – $120

Photography Rates

  • Hourly rate – $350
  • Photo shoot POA
  • Request the Photography Order Form for further information and pricing.

Advertorial Rates

  • Journalist cost per half page – $450

Standard advertising rates apply for advertorial spaces but incur
journalist and design charges.