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Please remember that suppliers of artwork for advertising are responsible for checking the quality and integrity of their files before submission to Cosmos magazine.

Cosmos magazine will only accept digital files that meet the following requirements. Files that do not meet these specifications cannot be accepted:

  • File must be supplied as high resolution PDF version 1.3 file. We do not accept Word, Publisher or Powerpoint files.
  • All fonts must be embedded.
  • All elements must be CMYK. RGB or spot colours are not acceptable.
  • Images and logos must have an effective resolution of 300dpi.
  • Trim size must be correct according to specifications.
  • 5mm bleed must be included on all sides of an ad. This is in addition to the trim size.
  • PDF must contain crop marks, positioned outside the bleed area.
  • Broken space adverts must have a 0.5pt border when background of advert is white or very light in colour.
  • Solid panels larger than 5mm2, must be made up of 40 cyan, 30 magenta, 30 yellow, 100 black.
  • Files must be supplied as single pages, one PDF per page. Spreads or multipage PDFs are not accepted.
  • Truetype, CID or Multiple Master fonts are not accepted.
  • Total Ink Weight must not exceed magazine specific limit (300% for papertype-1).

Cosmos magazine cannot take responsibility for accurate reproduction of advertisements if:

  • Fonts are artificially stylised.
  • Font sizes below 5 points for solid text or below 9 points for reversed or non-solid text.
  • Text or other content is placed outside the live type area.
  • Cosmos magazine adheres to 3DAP recommendations for file preparation and proofing. When a 3DAPv3 compliant proof made from the supplied file is not submitted, Cosmos magazine cannot take responsibility for accurate colour reproduction.

If you have any questions regarding the submission of advertising to Cosmos magazine, please contact the Advertising Coordinator. For recommendations regarding file setup, PDF creation, image resolution, separations and best practices advice, see Cosmos magazine’s Production User Guide available by contacting the Advertising Coordinator.


Note: All prices exclude GST. Cancellations of bookings will not be accepted after booking deadline. The publisher reserves the right to repeat material if artwork not received by the material deadline.


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