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Golf Grinder is the well known publisher of a weekly online golf magazine as well as one of Australia’s leading golf websites. We are located in Brisbane, Queensland and have served Australian golf online for close to 20 years.

Over 300 Issues with 10,000 pages of tournament, equipment news & more

  • Published weekly, Golf Grinder magazine covers both professional and amateur golf right here in Australia and around the world.
  • With close to 20 years in the industry we know our golf, inside and out, and so do our Aussie readership. Yes, all 80,000 of them.
  • Tournament wraps and scores, new equipment, player and course news plus so much more delivered every Tuesday Australia-wide


Our readership presents a unique opportunity to reach enthusiastic golfers who both love the sport and spend money while enjoying their favourite hobby. In our most recent survey almost 50% of golfers reported that they play golf 2-3 times a week and 30% play at least once a week. Our readers are also predominantly members of clubs with 86% saying they hold a current club membership and over 60% of those are at a private or semi-private golf club.

Our users are overwhelmingly male with women making up just 9% of the readership. The ages range from 18 to over 70 with the largest group at 37.5% being between 51-60 years of age while just over 20% are from the 41-50 age group.


Golf Grinder is published weekly every Tuesday at 12pm. Material deadline is Monday 12pm the day prior to the publish date.

Ads can be delivered in either high-quality JPG or PDF in sRGB (no CMYK). Full pages ads are sized at 2048px x 1536px with no specific DPI requirement. If unsure please use 300 DPI.

Full page ads (2048px x 1536px) are priced at $5000 per month (four inserts) or at an annual rate of $50,000 for a 12-month booking.