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Google’s Keyword Planner has been updated to show the most relevant keyword ideas for your business, website or publication.

The keyword planning tool is a useful resource for publishers in researching keyword ideas for SEO-optimised web content, and to help plan out Google Ads campaigns and bid estimates. The planner will now show the most relevant keywords based on the seed keyword selected.

Google uses this example to explain: For example, when you provide the seed keyword “boots”, you might see keyword ideas such as “womens boots”, “work boots” and “cowboy boots.” You’ll have the option to broaden your search by adding recommended words to your seed keyword.

To help prioritise keyword ideas, Google has also introduced two other features that give more control over what keyword ideas show:
Website filtering: filter keyword ideas to only show keywords most closely related to your business or publication (based on your website).
Brand exclusions: exclude keyword ideas that include brand terms.
If you don’t already use the keyword planner, SEO tools provider Ahrefs has developed a useful and actionable guide on how to use the free version to increase your website traffic.


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