About Medical Journal

Medicine Today, formerly Modern Medicine of Australia, has been providing medical practitioners in Australia with authoritative clinical review material each month for more than 60 years. Modern Medicine was first published in the USA in 1932. In 1957, the then publisher of the US edition, The New York Times, began publishing Modern Medicine in Australia. Over time the title was expanded to 13 editions, in seven languages, circulating to 408,000 physicians in 12 countries.The current proprietors, Tony Scott and Judy Passlow, have been associated with Modern Medicine of Australia since 1979 and purchased the journal from its then owner, Adis Press, in 1985.

At the time the trademark Modern Medicine was owned by a US publishing house and franchised around the world. By the late 1990s the proprietors of the Australian edition had responded to the needs of its readership and were commissioning and publishing Australian content rather than the international mix the franchise had provided. As a consequence it was no longer financially viable for the publishers to continue to pay the required royalty to publish under the Modern Medicine name, and the decision was taken to publish the Australian content under the Medicine Today name in January 2000.


The reviewers provide instructive comments, suggestions and recommendations on the suitability for publication for each article. Authors receive detailed reports requesting revisions and responses to the comments before articles are accepted for publication.

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Providing accuracy, credibility and independence, the peer review process is an indispensable part of Medicine Today’s editorial process. Borrowing from this proven method, every article published in Endocrinology Today has been rigorously peer reviewed by a minimum of two expert consultants and by one general practitioner, who represents our main readership.

Advertising Standards

Advertisements submitted to Endocrinology Today are subject to editorial approval and have no influence on editorial content or presentation. Advertisers are responsible for ensuring that advertisements comply with Commonwealth and State and Territory laws and any industry code of conduct.

Editorial Policy

Endocrinology Today is a peer reviewed clinical journal and the editorial content is completely independent of advertising. All editorial material is embargoed before publication.