Shipping Australia Magazine is the flagship publication of Shipping Australia Limited, an industry association whose members are accountable for 80 per cent of container and car trade to and from Australia, 70 per cent of bulk and break bulk trade as well as the operation of heavy lift, cruise ships and tugs. Our associate members encompass the broad range of suppliers to the shipping industry including:
port owners and operators, stevedores, container services, supply chain managers, law firms, financial analysts, insurance , communications and information technology providers.

Shipping Australia Magazine brings together a broad readership of all those with an interest in maritime trade and is targeted at the high level executives in shipping, freight, primary production, manufacturing and supporting industries as well as relevant Government departments. The magazine has grown to become Australia’s pre-eminent shipping industry journal with feature articles covering all sectors of the market, along with profiles of industry leaders, as well as policy debate and opinion pieces

The magazine enjoys both domestic and international distribution and advertising in Shipping Australia Magazine is a sure way to get your product noticed by decision makers.

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Construct Magazine is distributed to:

  • Leading building professionals including managing directors; project and business managers; and notably procurement division heads at all three levels of government departments and agencies, as well as ASX listed and private construction firms.
  • Specialist architectural and construction firms working in fields such infrastructure projects and key government installations, as well as key business professionals With a highly targeted readership, Construct magazine is published four times a year and is the major vehicle for the communication of key initiatives in policy and regulatory matters.

These publications provide a regular and extremely attractive forum for companies to advertise in, so as to keep AIB members fully up to date with what’s happening in the industry in Australia and abroad covering diverse topics such as green building issues, technical and legal matters, recent regulatory, academic and building codes developments, PI insurance, O/HS liabilities, construction research and innovations, e-commerce for builders, and national and state infrastructure projects undertaken by our members.


Retirement Living Australia is distributed to Property Council of Australia members, online flipbooks and Retirement Expeditions across Australia as well as increasing FREE subscriptions is our supporting website which provides a services directory to our subscribers and followers as well as up to date feature articles.

Retirement Living Australia is a nationwide premier lifestyle magazine for the over 55’s market. Published twice a year Retirement Living Australia maintains a dedicated readership through our commitment to providing our audience with useful, up to date information. Ranging from interest pieces, investment choices, travel, legal and healthcare, there is no better way to showcase your products and services for the seniors market.

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