As an exclusive media partner with Strike Publications, your organisation can take advantage of a unique tailor made package covers the Defence Force + Industry capability in Australia, with its own individual set of benefits that includes:

  • 20% o annual renewal;
  • Use the logo of all three publications as agreed*;
  • Complimentary editorials on news related articles in suitable media vehicles**;
  • Announcement of the partnership in all three publications and online channels.

Plus a generous discount on all advertising and editorial:

  • Your company logo promoted across all Strike Publications media channels; valued at $9,500
  • CEO Interview, company profile and/or branded content: valued at $6,500
    • 1x 4PS full length version on Defence Life;
    • 1x DPS compressed version on Defence Today;
  • 6x Full page display advertisements on Lifestyle Queensland; valued at $15,125
  • 3x Full page editorial/advertorial on Defence Today; valued at $4,500
  • 1x 12mths promotional social posts through Defence Life’s Facebook account; valued at $1,500
  • 1x Top banner display advertisements on website for 12 months, plus a complimentary MREC banner slot for the same period of time on; valued at $4,800

Exclusive Offer $30,000

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