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Telecom wanted an audience that didn’t want them. Young Aucklanders weren’t interested in listening to a brand they considered ‘white, old and boring’ no matter how good the offer. Their challenge was to find a way to use Telecom’s newest offer, free Spotify Premium on selected mobile plans, to drive 5,000 mobile acquisitions


They created the proposition ‘FREE THE MUSIC (#freethemusic) to articulate the literal offer of free music with Telecom as well as the notion of setting music free, not being restricted to listening in fixed locations, but being free to experience music wherever you want on your mobile device. With no existing credibility to leverage the mobile brand, they set about ingratiating Telecom into the music landscape through partnerships and associations with people, brands and media with a long-standing reputation in the industry.

Rip It Up and Groove Guide were two such brands identified as respected and influential thought leaders in the music landscape. Telecom created an innovative Rip It Up cover that quite literally set music from a mobile free. The special gatefold cover rolled up and folded together, with a slot for people to put their mobile and amplify their music. It was a tangible demonstration of #freethemusic allowing people to listen to music on their mobile, whenever and wherever.


Combining the power of a credible music environment, an innovative magazine cover and a mobile phone allowed Telecom to get this portable speaker into the hands over 20,000 music lovers. Importantly the business target was delivered in a matter of weeks.

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