What is WildWild is adventure. Wild is conservation. Wild is wilderness. Wild is, and has been for nearly 40 years, the inspiring voice of the Australian outdoors. Wild is self-reliance and challenge and sometimes doing it tough. While Wild is not necessarily hard-core, what it certainly is not is soft-core. It is not glamping. It is not about being pampered while experiencing the outdoors. Wild does not speak down to experienced adventurers. Although Wild is not inaccessible to those just starting out in the outdoors, our primary focus is on those with some level of experience. Every adventurer is only a beginner once in their outdoors career; for the next 30 or 40 years, they want material that speaks to them, not simplistic content aimed at the lowest common denominator. Wild does not look on conservation as a mere marketing tool. For nearly four decades, Wild has actively and fiercely fought for the environment. Campaigning to protect our wild places is part of our DNA. Lastly, Wild is about telling stories that matter, stories that resonate with our readers. Wild is about deep engagement. It is about inspiration. It is about passion.

Wild: Adventure. Conservation. Wilderness.



For just the third time in its 36-year history, Wild Magazine is under new ownership. The new publisher, Wild Bunyip, has been created to focus exclusively on enhancing and growing Wild as an outdoor adventure brand.

Wild have a strong and loyal subscriber base, many of whom have subscribed to Wild for many decades. We intend to retain the heritage and history of Wild, and the elements of wilderness, adventure, conservation and exploration that have established Wild as one of the premier outdoor titles in Australia.

However, we also intend to revitalise the Wild brand, to become Wild Australia, appealing to the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts. This transformation will begin with a 30% increase in the length of Wild Magazine, allowing additional editorial, track notes, reference material and other outdoor content. This content will supplement the Wild website, eNews and other social media to deliver a fully integrated print and digital medium for the outdoor enthusiast.

This revitalisation will kick-off with the relaunch of Wild Magazine from July/August 2017 onwards. At the same time, the Wild eNewsletter will also undergo a refresh and design. Later in 2017, the wild.com.au website will be relaunched to provide a fully integrated digital platform for all things outdoor related.

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