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Winegrowers of Ara wanted to raise their profile and develop a print campaign with New Zealand and Australian consumers. They also had three key objectives to reach:

  • To demonstrate to prospective and existing trade customers their investment in brand building
  • To clearly communicate the Ara single estate message
  • To open conversations around Ara’s brand goal “Unlocking Interesting Experiences Everyday”

The Brief

Located in Marlborough, Ara is a single vineyard. All grapes used to produce Ara single-estate wines come from this single, sustainably managed vineyard site, where ancient glacial soils, along with practices such as close-row planting and low yields, give the wine depth. This delivers pure fruit expression with texture, elegance and refinement.

Giving great care and attention to all of their vines, Ara has a focus on delivering wines with a real sense of place. Ara want to communicate this message to an audience that desires quality and single source products.

Ara’s audience want to make the most of every day and moment. They are looking for valuable experiences that enrich their lives and with their circle of friends.


Together, Cuisine and Ara developed a “Great Ingredients Deserve Great Wines” campaign.

This would be a series of six double page spread advertorials in Cuisine magazine, pairing Ara’s single-sourced wines with beautiful, in-season dishes. We aimed to incorporate as many dishes as possible from top New Zealand chefs who are known for making the most out of New Zealand’s best produce.

Contact with each chef was made by Cuisine, and each was to develop a dish to complement Ara’s philosophy and wines. Each chef was to incorporate a much-loved New Zealand ingredient in season, and then construct a dish around it.

The message conveyed a perfect union of locally-focused dishes and Ara’s single-source vineyard wines, with divine flavour matches; in other words, great ingredients deserve great wine.

Source : mpa.org.nz


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