Your Trading Edge (YTE) is the definitive magazine for traders and active investors covering CFDs, Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex and Commodities.

We are not a business journal or a tipster magazine, but an educational tool for the active trader. In this respect we hold a strong niche readership of highly qualified private traders. Our readers are seeking education and tools, products and services to assist them on their trading journey.

Since its inception in 1997, YTE has featured commentary from many of the lading figures in the finance sector from around the globe. YTE is a trusted brand; many of our readers have been with us since the magazine’s beginning.

By advertising in YTE, your message will reach our highly qualified and targeted readership of active private traders.

Readership Profile
  • High net worth individuals and aspirational private traders (beginner, intermediate to advanced active market participants)
High Net Worth Individuals
  • 52% of our readers have an annual income in excess of $76,000, with 35% of these over $100,000.
  • 86% of our readers are male and 70% are aged 35 and above.
  • 83% of readers have a tertiary education, they are affluent individuals from a wide variety of disciplines including; Banking/Finance, Information Technology and Health/ Medical. 60% of which are key-decision makers within their organisation.
  • The average YTE reader enjoys reading, traveling, dining out, outdoor sports, and is technologically savvy.
  • 54% of readers have 3+ years trading experience, with 28% of these trading for over 5 years. 56% trade short term (days/weeks), 33% trade medium term (weeks/months) and 11% of readers trade long term (months/years).
  • 68% are part-time private traders, who aspire to supplement their existing incomes and/or aspire to be fulltime traders. The remaining 32% comprise professional traders, brokers and full-time private traders.




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