2021 Content Resolutions: A Twitter Chat with the #CMWorld Community

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Did you know researchers say about 60% of us make New Year’s resolutions yet only about 8% are successful in achieving them.

But the members in the CMWorld community are pretty amazing. They settle for nothing less than success. And when adversity hits, like it did for many in 2020, they’re resilient. Forget the odds. I wouldn’t bet against this group.

What do content marketers hope to accomplish in 2021? We asked during a recent #CMWorld Twitter chat.

Resolution: New year, new you.
What is something in your content marketing that you resolve to keep up this year?




Resolution: Eat healthier.
What’s something you need to cut from your content marketing in order to refocus this year?




Resolution: Enjoy life.
What is your favorite part of your job? How will you make more time for it this year?




Resolution: Spend less.
Where are you spending without a good and measurable ROI? How can you shift those dollars?




Resolution: Read more.
What is one book you want to read this year for personal or career growth?









Resolution: Learn something new.
You know you have something you want to learn for your job this year. What is it?





Resolution: Get organized.
What tools or systems will you implement in 2021, and who can hold you accountable?







Are any of these resolutions on your list? Tell me about your goals in the comments below.

In 2021, we resolve to bring the #CMWorld community even closer. Immediately following each chat, we’ll sit down with our special guest. Get to know more about them and their content journey when you watch CMI’s new show, Beyond the Chat. The premiere episode goes LIVE on Facebook January 12.

2021 Content Resolutions: A Twitter Chat with the #CMWorld Community