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5 Reasons to Advertise in Niche Magazines

You may remember back in 2012 when Newsweek, a behemoth in the magazine world, decided to stop the print version of its publication. The word gasped, and those who had started the myth that print was dead began to victoriously announce, “I told you so!”

But then something happened. Newsweek decided to bring back its print version, but this time they would offer it as a niche product and make it only available to subscribers.

What can we learn from this?

A: That print is alive and well, and B: that niche magazines offer a number of advantages over other advertising channels.


target.png1) A Dedicated Market

It’s one thing to get your offer in front of your target market – a group of people who are most likely going to be interested in it; but it’s an entirely different (and better) thing to get your offer in front of a dedicated market. That’s what niche magazines offer, a group of people with significant interest, if not a downright passion, in a particular topic. A merchant offering baby-proofing services will spend their advertising dollars much more effectively if they get their ad in a parenting magazine as opposed to any old magazine.

2) Magazines Engage Readers

On a daily basis I see people promoting digital marketing as if it were the second coming. Online channels definitely have their place in an integrated campaign, but think about how not-engaged most people are when online. They may be uploading their latest selfie to their Instagram account while emailing a friend about dinner plans, checking on their Amazon order and reading the latest Hollywood gossip all at the same time!

Compare this to a person reading a magazine. They sit there, or in some cases lay there, and they read the magazine. They are actually engaged with the content, giving it their full attention. This attention and engagement is transferred to the ads they come across in the magazine, and this is really good news for you.

3) Your Ad Will Stand Out

One benefit of people continually claiming print is dead, is that many advertisers have believed the hype and have focused all of their budget and time on digital channels. This has made it very easy for print advertisers to gain attention without need to compete against similar print ads.

magazine-spread.jpg4) People Trust Print

Studies have been conducted on this topic over the years and each time the results are the same – people trust print ads more than any other channel. This means they also trust the ads they see in print publications, which makes people far more open to your message.

Beyond trusting the information they get from print publications over digital websites, people are also weary of the viruses and malware they can pick up while surfing online. This makes them far less likely to click on those popups and banner ads.

These are two more reasons to get your ads in a niche magazine.

5) A Longer Shelf Life

Online ads come and go. They pop up and people click them off, or they completely ignore the banner ads beside the content they are reading. But print ads have real lasting power. Think about a niche magazine that lives in a doctor’s office. How many people pick up that magazine in a month and peruse it? Even a year later that magazine may still be sitting there and your ad will still get read.

The staying power of print ads offers an incredible ROI.

If you haven’t advertised in niche magazines before, consider adding this channel to your next campaign. You just might be surprised how effective this strategy is.

Download this fact sheet and learn 10 reasons why magazines are still an effective advertising channel.


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