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50 Lucrative Blog Niches & Finding One That Works for You

There’s an obscure album by an equally obscure guitarist named Duck Baker called There’s Something for Everyone in America. I don’t know a ton about it — apart from the fact that it came out in 1975 and that its cover art is absolutely next-level. And while neither of those facts is particularly relevant to this article, the album’s title is.

Blog niche ideas for everyone

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That idea that “there’s something for everyone” doesn’t just apply to America — nor does it have anything to do with what appears to be Lady Justice stabbing a tiger in the heart while Duck Baker casually looks on and smiles from a nearby window.

No, that concept is also relevant to niche blog topics. Everyone has something that’s meaningful and interesting to them in its own right, and in a lot of cases, those kinds of passions and pursuits can be channeled into a well-crafted, consistently maintained blog property.

Here, we’ll go over what you need to consider when choosing a niche blog topic and look into 50 potential blog niche ideas you can choose from.

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How to Choose Your Niche Blog Topic

So what should you blog about? How do you land on the topic that will resonate most with readers and keep you fulfilled in the long run? Well, first and foremost, you need to consider your areas of expertise.

Where are you an authority? What can you talk about comfortably and compellingly? If you write a blog in some niche you only halfway understand, readers won’t be receptive to it. They want to hear from an expert — someone who can demonstrate that they’re qualified to offer tips or trustworthy opinions. But it doesn’t end there.

Writing a blog is a personal pursuit, so you need to write about something that bears personal significance. What do you like to write about? There has to be some degree of joy and enthusiasm behind your blog.

It takes a lot of work to maintain a blog. It’s tough to keep that effort up if you don’t actually enjoy what you’re writing about. You have to start your blog under the assumption that it will take a while to get off the ground.

You’re probably not going to be able to monetize your site or sell ad space immediately, so you need to be in it — in large part — for the love of the sport.

Your niche has to reflect your passion because you’ll probably be writing for the sake of writing for a while. Attracting an audience neither easy nor a given. If you don’t care about your preferred topic, you’ll be less inclined to stick it out.

Careers and Education

1. Career Advice

There’s always a market for professional guidance — particularly in uncertain times.

2. Learning Employable Skills

Job seekers can always use an edge on their competition. If you can offer the insight or resources to give them that leg up, you can find a solid audience.

3. Professional Social Media Tips

Business owners often look for advice on how to bolster and enhance their presence on social media. If you have some experience in this arena, you can likely find a solid readership.

4. Study Hacks

There will always be a base of students looking to improve their study-game. If you’re particularly savvy when it comes to tips and tricks to boost your grades, consider this niche.


5. Acting Tips

If you’re an experienced actor who can share stories and insight that’ll help newbies refine their craft and prepare for auditions, consider giving this niche a shot.

6. Card and Board Games

There’s a lot of material to draw from card and board games. It’s a fun niche with an active base.

7. Concert Reviews

This niche is particularly fun and active. If you can reliably make it to shows and offer meaningful criticism, look into it.

8. Film or TV Reviews

There’s a sizable audience for an aficionado who can dish out some compelling opinions about new movies or TV shows. If you’re an outspoken film connoisseur, try this niche.

9. Music Criticism

This point is similar to the one above. An articulate music buff can rein in a sizable audience by offering their takes on new albums.

10. Stand-Up Comedy Instruction

Newer stand-up comics can always use a little (or a lot) of guidance as they’re starting out. There’s definitely an audience for a comedy veteran to offer some tips, tricks, and anecdotes.

11. Video Game Tutorials

There’s a solid population of gamers looking for walkthroughs and assistance through the trickier parts of certain games. If you’re an experienced gamer who can provide that help, look into this niche.


12. Budget Shopping

Everyone loves a bargain. If you’re a particularly deal-savvy shopper, check this niche out.

13. Frugal Living

People are always after ways to live a little smarter financially. This niche lets you demonstrate exactly how cost-conscious you are day-to-day.

14. Investment

Do you have a knack for calling all things Wall Street? If so, consider creating a blog up this alley.

15. Personal Finance

People will always need to know how to balance a checkbook and do taxes, so there’s a good chance you can generate readership by covering those kinds of financial fundamentals.

Food and Beverage

16. Coffee

Coffee enthusiasts are always looking for information on new blends. There’s a market for someone who can offer some astute coffee reviews and bean referrals.

17. Craft Beers

Similar to coffee, there’s an audience that loves craft beer and wants to be pointed towards hot new breweries.

18. Exotic Cuisine

Big-time foodies are active online. A lot of traffic can come with some interesting culinary exploits and tales of exotic cuisines.

19. Kitchen Equipment

Consumer electronics and accessories — specifically, those related to cooking — are always a big draw.

20. Meal Planning

Writing about regimented meal prep can bring in all kinds of readers — from cost-conscious consumers to health nuts.

21. Recipes and Cooking Tutorials

People are always looking for fresh new ways to prepare meals and snacks. If you have a knack for cooking, you might want to look into this idea.


22. Gardening

Green thumb readers can always use some tips, tricks, and new plants to incorporate into their gardening repertoire.

23. Makeup

Makeup tutorials have become a big hit across most social media platforms — a blog that capitalizes on that trend can be lucrative if done right.

24. Photography

Whether it’s a forum to offer tips to aspiring photographers or a place to post your own art, a photography blog can draw a solid crowd.

25. Technology

Compellingly writing about new and emerging tech can attract a forward-thinking base looking for the next big thing.

26. Writing

It might be slightly meta, but writing about writing can be a big hit. Many aspiring authors and columnists love a source for new prompts and pointers.

Personal Relationships

27. Blending Families

It’s a touchy, tricky subject to handle, but it’s a tough challenge a lot of people face. They stand to gain a lot from some sound advice on the topic.

28. Dating

Dating can be a minefield, and if you know how to help people navigate it, you can build a sizable, dedicated following.

29. Parenting

It’s arguably the hardest part of life — if you can make it that much easier for people, you’ll attract a solid audience.

30. Relationship Advice

Love ain’t always easy. That’s why plenty of potential readers are looking for someone who can help them figure it out as they go.

31. Weddings

Almost everyone looks forward to their big day, but planning a wedding means having a lot of balls in the air. Anyone who can help soon-to-be newlyweds successfully juggle them can find an audience.


32. Current Events

In the modern age, people need to stay on top of the news. If you can keep them posted with some eloquence and integrity, you can find readers.

33. Ethics

We could all use a refresher on basic human decency and morality every now and then. A well-crafted ethics blog can rein in a crowd that wants to do that consistently.

34. Political Opinions

Do you have some incisive, compelling political takes to offer? There might just be an audience that wants to hear what you have to say.

35. Political Satire

Sometimes, we need to see the humor in the modern political landscape. If you can tastefully (or not-so-tastefully) find it, there could be some a solid readership for it.


36. Meditation

There are plenty of readers looking to be a bit more mindful and a lot more centered. A meditation blog can tap into that population.

37. Mental Health

It’s an important topic that is (deservedly) getting a lot more attention nowadays than it has in recent years. If you can offer some meaningful insight on how to improve readers’ mental wellbeing, you’ll find an audience.

38. Self-Care

A more general, catch-all self-care blog can register with plenty of potential readers looking to improve every facet of their wellbeing.

39. Skincare

Skincare is a hot topic. There’s a massive crowd looking for the best products and techniques to keep their pores small and skin smooth.

Sports and Exercise

40. Extreme Sports

Out-there, wilder sports can be extremely entertaining in their own right, and there’s always a market for “extremely entertaining.”

41. Personal Training

Hardly anyone can afford a real personal trainer. Posting workouts — no matter how rigorous — can attract an audience composed of everyone from dedicated fitness nuts to out of shape newbies.

42. Running

Running is one of the most fundamental, popular fitness pursuits. There are plenty of readers who would want to hear about your running exploits and anecdotes.

43. Specific Sports

Football, baseball, basketball, soccer — sports are a staple of modern life. If you can consistently break news or offer interesting takes on a given sport, you can find a base.

44. Weight Loss

A lot of people are looking to shed some weight. If you can publish workouts or provide inspiration for weight loss, you can find a fairly dedicated audience.

45. Workout Trends

People want to stay hip to emerging workout trends, so providing news about and guidance for bold new ways to get can help you wrangle in some readers.


46. Hotel Reviews

Whether they’re looking to book rooms or just want to live vicariously through your incredible hotel stays, there will always be a base interested in hotel reviews.

47. Language Instruction

Nesvarbu, ar tai būtų praktiniai, ar asmeniniai tikslai, yra daugybė žmonių, kurie norės išmokti naujų kalbų. That’s Lithuanian for, “Whether it be for practical or personal purposes, there are plenty of people who will want to learn new languages.”

48. Travel Stories

Travel stories are some of the best ones you can tell. If you have some wild, outlandish exploits to share from your time in Bangkok, Paris, or wherever else, consider maintaining a travel blog.

49. Traveling for Work

Sometimes, travel is for business — not pleasure. There are plenty of readers interested in learning how to do that right.

50. Trip Reviews

A lot of people want to know which destinations are worth their time, and they might find a nicely maintained trip review blog entertaining and appealing.

As you can assume, this list of blog niches isn’t exhaustive. There are more than the 50 potential topics I’ve listed to choose from. If you’re looking to start a blog but don’t know what to write about, consider your passion and areas of expertise before anything else.

It comes down to a matter of want. You need to consider both what people will want to hear and what you will want to talk about.





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