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The IPad And It’s Impact On Advertising Sales-An Update

The IPad And It’s Impact On Advertising Sales-An Update

I posted the following (  on a LinkedIn board shortly after witnessing sales calls with an Ipad for the first time in the fall of 2010.  I think my basic premise still holds-the Ipad is a complimentary device that has revolutionized field ad sales (and field sales in general); while not being as critical in a telephone sales environment.  However (and this is key)-it has not completely replaced the notebook computer/Mac/PC yet as it is still difficult to do certain tasks such as proposals on an Ipad. I sure notice I pack much lighter on sales trips since much of the support information I used to carry in hard copy form is now digital and accessible instantly in the field (in the case of one of my publishers, I have instant access to 5 years of back issues in digital form). I’d be interested in seeing feedback on your experiences here.  Thanks for your…

Is Sector Knowledge Necessary For Media Sales?

This question came up recently on a LinkedIn board  – my thoughts are as follows: -If a top performer with years of industry experience becomes available, it is a very easy hire to make-GET HIM/HER! and pay what you have to get the hire done!  This person usually has  deep contacts within an industry and can gain entrance for you/your property at much higher levels than someone with drive/ambition who lacks the contacts in the market. -If that person is not available-take the person with drive/ambition/enthusiasm over someone who is less motivated but has market experience.  In time and in the right situation that person will develop the contacts and the numbers/market share will reflect this. A good barometer of whether or not the person you are looking at is a top performer in an industry is length of service-I began representing a publication (World Wastes/Waste Age) at a previous employer at the age of 24 , left 5 years later and kept the title when I founded Target Media Sales and continued representing it for another 10 years, and when let go was hired by the #1 publication in the field (Waste & Recycling News) 7 months later, and stayed there another 10 years.   This is a good indicator (along with checking out key accounts that person may have handled in your industry) as to whether or not that person is a “star” In contrast, if you see movement between publications/properties in a given market every 1-2 years or so, this is a big red flag!  AVOID!!! (the exception being if there was a market catastrophe in…

Let Ad Salespeople Sell!

Carl Landau of Niche Media had an excellent posting on his blog and Facebook page entitled “Let Ad Salespeople Sell”  A link to his blog posting can be found at and corresponding LinkedIn discussion at The nice part about being an independent ad sales representative is that selling is all we do!  Our experience as 1) independent reps and 2)  being located a significant distance from most, if not all, of our partners has shown us that we work best when there is minimal bureaucracy/diversionary tasks involved and when we are treated as partners in the property’s success, not as junior employees to be micromanaged. If this is the type of relationship you seek-please…

“Builders” or “Bleeders”?

I’ve come to the conclusion that in sales (and for that matter, business in general) there are two types of people: “Builders” or “Bleeders”. “Builders” are the  aggressive sales representatives who do homework on the industry served or readers reached;  come up with new ways to sell a product to a customer that doesn’t yet know that they need what they are selling;  knock on the right doors until the decision-maker hears the story; and ultimately builds the assignment into a sustainable income stream for all involved. “Bleeders”, are not as financially and emotionally invested in their work and in the health of the business as a whole and are more interested in extracting money from the territory with as little investment and effort as possible.  This  is evidenced by behaviors such as lack of travel (and lack of personal sales calls in general), unwillingness to learn new ways of doing things.  and a short-term rather than long-term approach to territory development (or often no plans to develop the territory, only effort in keeping what was inherited from the “Builder” that did the hard work!). The eventual result of this  is the ultimate demise of the assignment, as existing accounts are “bled”  dry, and new business doesn’t come in to replace and grow further, until one day there is nothing left. What type of sales staff or representation do you have?  If you feel that you need a “builder”-let’s talk.  We’ve successfully built territories over the long-term, and even when successful do not “bleed” our publications but continue to build for the…

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