At Clemenger, we understand that in order to win at content marketing, you need to have great ideas. But where do you get these ideas? And how do you keep them coming?

The answer is simple: by building strong relationships with your content friends.

A content friend is someone who is an expert in a particular field or subject matter. They are the people who you can rely on to give you the inside scoop, the latest trends and the best ideas.

Building strong relationships with your content friends has a number of benefits. First, they will be more likely to share their ideas with you if they know that you value their opinion. Second, you will have access to a wealth of knowledge and experience…


Case Study: Improving Lead Generation Results by 70% With SEO Content

This article was co-authored by Jeremy Doherty and Taylor Todd.

SEO is no longer a nice-to-have for businesses — it’s a must. If your company allocates its resources to create better content that’s optimized for search engines, you’ll see an impressive return on that investment. This proved to be the case for our client Digilant.

The Strategy

Digilant was looking for a custom content marketing agency that could help them achieve their primary business goals:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Generate leads
  • Enable sales

That’s when Influence & Co. came in. Our team worked with Digilant to create a custom content strategy that was tailored to their company’s specific needs. The overall objective: Create on-site SEO blog content that drives website traffic and qualified inbound leads.

In order to accomplish this, we leveraged SEO tactics such as quarterly keyword research to create and publish content on Digilant’s blog that would improve their online visibility and drive potential customers to their site.

But getting leads through the (virtual) door was only the first step. We also had to ensure that content we created equipped Digilant’s sales team with the information they needed to move leads further down the funnel.

The Results

With each passing day, Digilant’s content strategy continues to provide immense value to the company. Here are some of the content marketing results we’ve seen since the beginning of our partnership:

70 percent increase in leads. 19 percent increase in LinkedIn followers.

48% quarterly growth in page-one keyword ranking. 152 page-one keywords in Q2. 225 page-one keywords in Q3.

46 percent increase in organic search traffic. 12 percent increase in social traffic. 30 percent increase in email traffic.

Better sales enablement. "The sales team loves the blogs we've created and has been really happy with the leads they've gotten through these pieces. Content is really helping their business grow!"

How can you improve your keyword search results and drive more qualified leads to your website? Set up a call with our SEO experts to get started on your strategy today!

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