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John West ‘Unlimited Edition’


The Challenge

While research proved consumers were concerned about the sustainability of tuna stocks, it also revealed they didn’t think about it everyday. As a result John West identified the need to raise mass awareness of the sustainability within the fishing industry by promoting their “Unlimited Edition” tuna cans.


The Solution

A cross platform campaign featuring highly engaging content was created around the theme, “Sustaining our seven seas.”

The print campaign used consecutive right hand pages as well as strips to make readers “Imagine a world without fish”. This creative representation demonstrated what life would be like if fish became extinct, then introduced John West Unlimited Edition tuna and supported the campaign take-out, “We’ve all come together, so we can have healthy oceans forever.”

The digital element provided “Unlimited Access” to all News metro mastheads for a day to coincide with the release of the “Unlimited Edition”cans. This removal of the pay walls was a complete first and was supported by digital creative that extended the imagery and theme of the print campaign.

News also published four lifestyle stories online over four weeks as native content to help educate the audience about sustainable fishing.


The Results

News Corp insights revealed 68% of their audience personally felt they could make a difference to the environment. Across the print and digital campaign the John West Unlimited message reached 3.295 million grocery buyers aged between 25-54 years. On the day the pay walls were removed 27% more people clicked through to read the articles.

Stephanie Dore-Smith, Senior Brand Manager at John West said, “Partnering with News Corp allowed us to deliver our message in an engaging way across multiple platforms with great results.”