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Creative Asset Management for Magazine Publishers

Advertisers stick with magazine publishing teams that produce amazing creative. Indeed, it’s a win-win business proposition. Production teams provide results-driven advertising, and businesses reap the benefits. But without creative asset management, even the most successful magazines can suffer from inefficient production processes.

The Case for Creative Asset Management

Here’s a real world example of why creative asset management matters.

Let’s say your ad sales team is working hard to fill your next issue. First, they run an issue comparison report to determine top prospects for remaining ad sizes. Then, after a few calls and emails, your sales team fills your upcoming book. And guess what? One of your previous advertisers is back for more, and they want to run last year’s ad with some minor revisions.

Now, where do you go from here? If your answer involves rummaging through your desktop or about coworkers about file paths on the server, it’s time to rethink your processes. Specifically, your creative asset management.

Efficient Creative Asset Management Matters

To illustrate the effect of disorganized creative assets on your overall efficiency, it’s important to consider just how often situations like these affect your team’s workflow. Every scramble for logos and other design collateral can result in:

  • Missed deadlines
  • Print errors
  • Frustrated advertisers


In contrast, imagine having the ability to store creative assets by advertiser right within your CRM software. No more frantic server searches, late night work emails, or embarrassing second (or third!) requests.

Make It Easy for Your Advertisers

In brief, advertiser satisfaction matters. Advertisers appreciate an easy method to upload logos and other collateral directly to your production team. And better yet, they’ll be more apt to advertise with you instead of rival publishers who make them play a game of email tag.

Try Ad Sales Genius Today

Our automation-focused magazine management helps publishers gain a competitive edge in today’s market. With smart creative asset management, easy advertiser file uploads, and interactive magazine flatplanning, Ad Sales Genius can help your business run leaner and meaner. Schedule a personalized demo to learn more today!

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