Email Newsletter Advertising: A Big Win for Publishers

woman receiving email newsletter

Let’s cut right to the chase. Email newsletter advertising is extremely effective—mostly because email marketing itself is effective. There are four main reasons for this:

  1. Nearly everybody who uses the internet already has an email address.
  2. Email isn’t dependent on a social platform.
  3. Most people check their email on a regular basis—daily, hourly, or based upon push alerts.
  4. Email content is “opt-in” – meaning the base level of content provided by a business is often in line with the recipient’s interests.


In short, it’s easy to see why email newsletters are such an attractive option for publishers vying for attention—especially as they enjoy surging popularity. Moreover, as an ad product, email newsletters are also an easy sell to advertisers.

Email Newsletter Advertising: Why It Works

E-newsletters are a great way for publishers to bridge their offline and online content to engage their audience. For example, a variety of newsletters can target different audience niches—such as foodie content, arts and entertainment, and daily breaking news.

Now, with this type of digital segmentation possible, you can all-but-ensure your e-newsletter subscribers are engaged with your content. And for savvy publishers, email newsletter advertising opportunities are aplenty:

  • Newsletter sponsorships (ads or sponsored content within your regular email newsletter)
  • Full sponsored content (separate emails mailed out to your list featuring advertiser content)
  • Linked banners and logos


Ultimately, pricing your email newsletter advertising depends on how you structure your ad products. For example, a standalone sponsored content email would cost a premium over, say, a linked banner within your regular newsletter.

Much like most digital, pricing often comes down to the CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions).

Pitching Your Email Newsletter Creative

Before we go too far down the email monetization rabbit hole, you can’t forget about the most important element of all: your audience. That is to say, your subscribers opted into your email newsletter to get relevant content. As such, your creative must be as effective as possible without alienating your readership.

First, reply upon your creative team to work out some options that jive with your newsletter’s subscriber base. A witty headline, well-crafted image, or brilliant introductory tie-in can transform sponsored content into something that works alongside your core content.

Next, don’t forget to show off your email advertising chops. Create a media kit with examples of your work to help your advertisers visualize how they can fit into your email readership universe.

Finally, package and sell your e-newsletter along with your most established ad products. We find that magazine publishers have an easier time selling newsletter advertising than other types of digital based on its similarity to traditional print: audience numbers are a known quantity, the niche interests of readers are well defined, and email is a universally understood platform.

In conclusion, if you’re not already embracing email newsletter advertising, now is the time to start! Get out there and sell!