Fall In Love with The Product and Prospects Will Do the Same!

Have you ever been around someone newly in love?  They get enthusiastic  just talking about it.  They smile and light up describing it.  They can (and will) tell you all the great things about that person, all the time.  When they finally introduce this new great love to their friends, they typically highlight the things that make this person so awesome.  All of their ‘features’ and ‘benefits’ are touted and celebrated.

Consider taking this approach to your ad sales presentations.  It should be like introducing a great love to people who’ve never met them.  Tell buyers what you love about the product you’re selling.  Describe your favorite features and what excites you about it.  Think about what features buyers will care about.   Great salespeople don’t sell, they convincingly communicate the benefits without trying to sell it.  They simply share with the customer how they use it and how it’s helpful to them and others.  They’re product advocates.

Naturally, not everything will easily lend itself to this methodology.  Selling print ads for Taxidermy Digest or digital ads for www.IndustrialMachineryMagazine.com might not be that appealing to you personally.  In these examples you would become a matchmaker.  If your prospects are well targeted, you will be selling to either people who can’t get enough of taxidermy or industrial machinery; or you will be selling to people who are interested in the people who like these things.  As the ad sales rep, you are the wingman tasked with bringing them together.

Keep in mind prospects will only be as excited about the product as you are. If you don’t love it, don’t expect them to love it.  Share this enthusiasm and good examples of how it will benefit the prospect, and notice the difference it makes in sales.

Fall In Love with The Product and Prospects Will Do the Same