FMCG after lockdown

Back in March, News Corp Australia launched an FMCG consumer insight piece in response to Covid-19 called Adapting to the Cautious Consumer. This explored the immediate impact Covid-19 had on consumer mindsets and grocery buying behaviour, introducing the concepts of ‘pantry loading’ and ‘cocooning’. We also advocated for brands to be vocal by marketing through the height of the crisis, even despite the supply challenges that many categories experienced at the time. Many brands took this advice to great effect, but many also waited to see how the market would shape up – but all have been asking us “What’s next?


That’s why we’ve developed this follow-up insights piece – Marketing to the Cautious Consumer in the ‘New Normal’ – to explore the medium to longer-term impact of Covid-19 on the FMCG sector and what it means for brands and marketers. Some of the key findings include:

  • Cocooning will continue to be a dominant consumer behaviour. Although restrictions are gradually easing, Australians will continue to remain homebodies and with this, the outlook for FMCG consumption is optimistic (with the right marketing toolkit).
  • A ‘two-speed economy’ is emerging with consumers split into two camps: either focusing on bang for buck to ease financial pressures; or trading up as other discretionary spend is held back.
  • The brand-consumer relationship has been flipped on its axis. Category resets have meant that the hierarchy of consumer needs were re-ordered, and the frantic retail consumption in March and April has led to a whole set of consumers re-entering categories and having new experiences with brands and products.


In this piece, we’ll share how the way Australians plan, shop, purchase and consume grocery items is evolving as consumer circumstances, expectations, values and needs change while restrictions are eased. We also offer an opportunity to workshop ways that your brand can leverage this information to deliver on your business and brand objectives through marketing.


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