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For digital builders, technology tools make or break the job

What’s inside

API-first tech is essential to developer and digital marketer satisfaction. In new research, learn why top digital talent prefer working with API-first tech and working for companies that offer it.

As the Great Resignation evolves into the Great Reshuffle, companies search for ways to attract and retain the best talent. A recent survey by Contentful found that for digital builders the technology a company uses is essential to attracting and retaining top talent as well as enabling that talent to meet increasingly ambitious company goals. When it comes to these tech savvy employees, access to the best tools not only keep builders satisfied but also demonstrate that their employers care about their happiness.

Key Findings:

  • 70% of digital builders said the technology a company uses is “very important” to their decision to take a job

  • 85% said they would leave a job or consider doing so based on dissatisfaction with their software and tools

  • 66% of digital builders indicated that the software they use impacts their job satisfaction “a lot”

  • 65% said that the software and tools their company gave them to work with was a direct reflection of how they value them as an employee

In the increasingly distributed workforce, it is no longer office perks like ping pong tables or free lunch that create an employee-centric culture. Employees simply want to work with the best tools to do their jobs. Those tools are what allow some companies to command the best talent and meet their most ambitious goals, while others are left to create workarounds for aging technology and navigate the ensuing employee attrition.

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