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Hardie Grant Announces Buyout Of Its Founding Investor AMI

Hardie Grant Announces Buyout Of Its Founding Investor AMI

Independent publishing and media business Hardie Grant has unveiled a change to the company’s shareholding, with founding investor associated media investment (ami) being bought out.

Hardie Grant was founded in 1997 by Fiona Hardie and Sandy Grant, with support from AMI as a start-up investor.

The Australian company has since grown to be a globally active, diversified business with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, London and San Francisco, 200 staff and revenue over AU$100m.

Since its inception shares have been acquired by founding member and current Hardie Grant Publishing Group Managing Director, Julie Pinkham, and publishing veteran Ian Webster. Both, alongside the Hardie-Grant family have now acquired all AMI’s shares, securing the company’s commitment to being an independent, Australian owned business.

The changes introduce a new Hardie Grant Board, with AMI representatives Bruce Watson (Chair), Richard Gerahty and Rob Gamble departing.

Sandy Grant will now become the Chair, and Fiona Hardie remains a Director.

The company is delighted to announce new board members including Ian Webster, Julie Pinkham and Nick Hardie-Grant. Andrew Davis remains Company Secretary and COO.

Sandy Grant. said: “It is very exciting for those of us who have a long-term commitment to Hardie Grant. We are really delighted to be the owners of such a good business, working alongside so many great staff, and continuing to enjoy developing the business.

“We have seen really exciting growth in Australia, the UK and the US in the last few years and are expanding our marketing services and media portfolio steadily. The ownership won’t change our trajectory, but confirms our long term commitment to our existing strategies.”


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Hardie Grant Announces Buyout Of Its Founding Investor AMI