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How can a unified content marketing platform help enterprises deliver more relevant content and increase output by 40%?

Disparate content marketing tools and point solutions create bottlenecks in content production: preventing personalization, scalability, and visibility for campaigns. How can you empower your teams with the capabilities to collaborate, manage, and optimize content — making it more relevant to customers — at speed and at scale?

As the world’s only unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform for content marketing, Sprinklr breaks down content production silos and brings marketers and agencies together into one shared workspace. By using the industry’s most advanced AI engine, your teams can manage, produce, and optimize content across 30+ digital channels — increasing content output, relevancy, and brand compliance at an enterprise scale.

Increase content production and performance with Modern Marketing.

Connect with our experts to learn how you can scale up your content production, generate better content, and make customers happier with Sprinklr.

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Get campaigns to market 40% faster with a unified content marketing platform.

Stay in sync with your teams using a single source of truth

Plan global omni-channel campaigns with a single, shared view of calendars, briefs, production, assets, work assignment, and analytics.

Collaborate on campaigns faster from one central hub

Speed up processes for content and campaign requests.

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Reduce production costs by 50% with automated workflows.

Put your workflows on autopilot

Automate end-to-end marketing workflows by creating standardized, repeatable processes you can manage, duplicate, and reference — all in one central place.

Take your content and campaigns omnichannel

Find the bottlenecks and break through them

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Create and optimize content to boost performance by 32%.

Create content that’s on-strategy

Connect with your content creators on marketing initiatives from a single, unified content marketing platform — and enforce proven strategies that will earn the highest performance.

Give your customers the content they want

Raise the bar on content quality

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Strengthen your brand — and your approval process.

Build automated approvals into your workflows

Do better than the 58% of businesses that don’t have formal workflows by setting up mandatory approval flows, automated moderation, and activity audits — especially around high-profile campaign activities.

Champion high standards for your brand and partners
Protect your reputation proactively and reactively

Clemenger, Clemenger Media Sales, Clemenger Media Sales is Australia’s home of niche media.

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