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How Email Marketing Can Work for You: A #CMWorld Twitter Chat with Bernie Fussenegger

“You’ve got mail.”

CMI PR and Video Consultant Amanda Subler and I worked with the man who voiced this famous AOL phrase. (He wasn’t an Uber driver back then, and he did more than notify us of incoming email.)

If you think about it, that phrase was first recorded in 1989. The first email was sent long before that. Marketing tactics and channels come and go. So why is email still relevant today?

B2The7’s Bernie Fussenegger helps brands create emails customers want to read. He also write a successful newsletter of his own. That’s why we asked him to be a guest on the #CMWorld Twitter chat. Bernie shared why email is effective. He also gave his tips for strengthening our email marketing strategy.

It was a great chat with new learnings and good reminders. What follows is a brief recap. See more tips from Bernie and our community on Twitter.

Based on CMI’s latest research, email consistently ranks as one of the top ways marketers distribute their content. With many emerging tactics and channels, why is email still one of the most effective marketing strategies?

If you’re looking to start an email marketing campaign from scratch, what’s the first step you should take?

There are many ways people read email. How do you know your reader will have the best experience?

In addition to the solid insights, Bernie and our community gave their suggestions for their favorite emails.


What brands do you think stand above the crowd when it comes to email marketing? I’d love to know. Let me a comment. I’m always looking for new newsletters to subscribe to.

Want to learn more about Bernie? Watch my interview with him on Beyond the Chat.

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How Email Marketing Can Work for You: A #CMWorld Twitter Chat with Bernie Fussenegger