01 September 2013; volume 53, issue 3

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    What We Know About Creativity

    Geoffrey Precourt

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What We Know About Creativity


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  • How Context Can Make Advertising More Effective

    Horst Stipp
    …advertisements as context (Poncin and Derbaix, 2009). Finally, to the author’s knowledge, no published context-effects research had focused on return on investment (ROI) until the ARF did its own research (Bacon, Bhardwaj, and Gopalakrishnan, 2017; Bacon and Stipp, 2017).The ARF concluded that it was important …
  • Face Presence and Gaze Direction In Print Advertisements

    Safaa AdilSophie Lacoste-BadieOlivier Droulers
    …undergraduate and post-graduate students ages 18 to 32 years; M = 22.9 years) attention was measured with an eye-tracking system (ASL 5000, Applied Science Laboratories, Bedford, MA). Findings showed that the mean dwell time (the sum of all fixation durations within a particular region of interest [ROI …
  • How Brands Can Make Smarter Decisions in Mobile Marketing

    Vassilis BakopoulosJohn BaronelloRex Briggs
    …before mobile. Different types of digital advertising (i.e., desktop, mobile) and formats (i.e., banner, video) deliver different levels of return on investment (ROI), with mobile video advertising being more effective in driving ROI than desktop video (with some exceptions, e.g., financial services …
  • Innovations in Marketing Analytics

    …the ability of Cloroxs marketing team to prove return on investment (ROI) on large parts of its spend. The Analytics team knew that to really make an impact, it needed to be visible not only to the marketing department but also to general managers and members of the sales and finance functions. Those …
  • What 80 Years of Study Means For the Future of Advertising Research

    Horst Stipp
    …to that mission, during its 80th year in 2016, the ARF launched a major new initiative, How Advertising Works.1 The goal was to deliver objective research-based insights that improve advertising and, ultimately, the return on marketing investments (ROI), with actionable insights for marketers in todays media …
  • Research on Advertising in a Recession

    Gerard J. TellisKethan Tellis
    …in a period of economic expansion. However, two studies indicated that increasing advertising during a recession did not increase the ROI. A review of the literature shows a large number of reasons for (and against) advertising during a recession. Many of the reasons for not advertising can be easily refuted …
  • In Search of Advertising ROI

    Gale Metzger
    …, the Association of National Advertisers published a manual, Defining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results [DAGMAR], which provided an informed method to knowing advertisings return on investment (ROI). DAGMAR was so popular that it was reprinted nine times; not good enough, however, to satisfy …
  • Is the Multi-Platform Whole More Powerful Than Its Separate Parts?

    Jennifer TaylorRachel KennedyColin McDonaldLaurent LarguinatYassine El OuarzaziNassim Haddad
    …. Henderson, and s. A. neslin. The Effects of Advertising on Brand Switching and Repeat Purchasing. Journal of Marketing Research 31, February (1994): 2843. dobsin, J., and F. blAdes. 360 Degree Advertising: Measuring ROI at Different Consumer Touchpoints. In Warcs Advertising Research: Warc, September …
  • Advertising across Platforms: Conditions for Multimedia Campaigns

    Jasper SnyderManuel Garcia-Garcia
    …Foundation (ARF) initiative launched in 2015, is to address those gaps in the literature. Ultimately, the experiments in this ongoing program have a practical mission: to deliver objective, actionable, research-based insights that improve advertising and, ultimately, return on investment (ROI) by addressing …
  • The Marketer’s Dilemma: Focusing on a Target or a Demographic?

    Mike HessPete Doe
    …brand or category, or even a particular psychographic target). In this quest for improved advertising efficiency and return on investment (ROI), a number of different methods have evolved. Most marketers and their agencies use targeting rather than mass-marketing strategies (Sharp, 2010). Beyond this …
  • From Silos to Synergy

    Henry Assael
    …exposureopportunity to seeas the criterion of effectiveness. Since then, the focus has shifted to the interaction between media (particularly on- and offline media) with a shift in emphasis to opportunity to act and to sales and ROI measures of effectiveness. This article traces the move from silos …
  • Leveraging Synergy and Emotion In a Multi-Platform World

    Audrey SteeleDevra JacobsCaleb SiefertRandall RuleBrian LevineCarl D. Marci
    …equity. The results also inform synergistic media planning to maintain brand equity with television while enhancing brand engagement within related online content. This model can help develop more effective strategies that embrace the changing media landscape and deliver greater ROI. 418 JOURNAL …
  • Is Old Gold? How Heritage “Sells” The University to Prospective Students

    Mei RoseGregory M. RoseAltaf Merchant
  • Instant Innovation: From Zero to Full Speed in Fifteen Years

    Colin CampbellMichael ParentKirk PlanggerGian M. Fulgoni
    …on investment (ROI) in various marketing programs. Thus, whenever media and research are put together, it is still ratings and counting the audience that takes center stage in our minds (Naples, 1984). Digital scorekeeper comScore, in 2009, challenged the logic of measuring the success of Web …
  • What Makes Brands’ Social Content Shareable on Facebook?

    Tania Yuki
    …) and considered the existing scholarly work about what drives sharing and viral 460 JOURNAL OF ADVERTISING RESEARCH December 2015 How Cross-Platform advertising works messaging in other mediums, in the context of Facebook sharing. Viral Marketing and roi Research on viral marketing often has focused on its return …
  • The Brand in the Boardroom

    Joanna Seddon
    …and a level up from in-the-weeds attempts to measure marketing return on investment (ROI). And it replaces intuition as the principle for allocating the portfolio budget. For example, a leading global corporation wanted to introduce a rational, transparent, and simple approach for allocating marketing budgets …
  • Marketers Who Measure the Wrong Thing Get Faulty Answers

    Rex Briggs
    …The purpose of this article is to address why older advertising measurement systems (based on outdated theories of how consumers process information) are specifically leading to some marketers getting faulty answers that may undermine marketing return on investment (ROI). The article draws heavily …
  • The Power of Evil

    Marcel CorstjensAndris Umblijs
  • Where Marketing Art Meets Marketing Science

    …households are buying both DayQuil and NyQuil than ever before. In FY 2010/2011, the number of households buying both indexed at 134 versus Year Ago (Source: Nielsen HH Panel). DayQuil TV ROI was twice what it had been previously. DayQuils ROI now matches NyQuils (Source: TMG Market Mix Modeling …
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of True Sponsorship

    Bill HarveyStu GrayGerald Despain
    …the measurement was ROI based on a questionnaire self-report of brand purchase and price paid. Sample size was over 196,000 intab questionnaires with a 65 percent response rate. ROI for sponsored educational content averaged 55:1, about 27 times the published average of all MMA ROI results. The latter study also …
  • The Future is Now

    David F. PoltrackKevin Bowen
    ROI+++ Synergistic Impact on: Prime Prospect as a Viewer TV Online Radio Print Ad Efficiency Target Rich Environment Ad Effectiveness Higher Program Engagement Results in Higher-Performing Ads Prime Prospect as a Consumer Defined beyond pure demographics figure 4 Holistic view of the Prime …
  • The Branding Impact of Brand Websites: Do Newsletters and Consumer Magazines Have a Moderating Role?

    Brigitte MüllerLaurent FlorèsMeriem AgrebiJean-Louis Chandon
    …development and support. Indeed, at a time where ROI for any marketing activity needs to be justified, it is specifically beneficial for interactive brand managers to be able to value the branding returns of their interactive brand websites strategies. As stated in the introduction, website traffic …
  • Effectiveness of Telescopic Advertisements Delivered via Personal Video Recorders

    Nicholas ReadingSteven BellmanDuane VaranHume Winzar
    …be highly profitable in terms of ROI (Harvey, 2004). Clearly, though, a major challenge for advertisers adopting this new model is motivating consumers to interact with TV advertisements, especially if viewers are in a passive, leaning back mode of TV viewing (Barwise, 2001), or they are using their PVRs …
  • Evaluating Return on Investment of Multimedia Advertising with a Single-Source Panel: A Retail Case Study

    Joan Fitzgerald
    …correlated with media advertising exposure, illustrating the promise of a single-source research panel to measure ROI in terms of store visit behavior, an important driver of retailer financial results. A MAJOR CHALLENGE for marketers is understanding the return on investment of their radio and TV …
  • Tradition Meets Technology: Can Mass Customization Succeed in China?

    Kun SongAnn Marie Fiore
    …dimension. Return on investment Return on investment (ROI) taps an extrinsic-active category of perceived value. During the shopping process, a consumer must actively invest financial, temporal, and psychological resources to obtain the product. ROI reflects consumer perceptions of trade-offs between …
  • An IMC Approach to Event Marketing: The Effects of Sponsorship and Experience on Customer Attitudes

    Julie Z. SneathR. Zachary FinneyAngeline Grace Close
    … to the sponsor (p. 11). Furthermore, a recent survey of marketing executives at major U.S. corporations indicates that event marketing offers the greatest ROI, followed by advertising, direct marketing, public relations, sales promotion, and internet advertising (MPI Foundation, 2004). While the investment …
  • Practitioners’ evolving views on product placement effectiveness

    James A. KarrhKathy Brittain McKeeCarol J. McKee
    …offers linked to a placement. Other potential measurements-each mentioned by one respondent-included tracking viewer recall, using control-test groups, consumer brand awareness, press coverage, return-on-investment (ROI) measures, cross-national responses, company productivity and return on investment …
  • Using Consumer Attitudes to Value Brands: Evaluation of the Financial Value of Brands

    Oliver HuppKen Powaga
    …redesigns its cars to reduce material costs or retools its factory to increase the daily production rate, it is relatively easy to measure the cost reduction benefits and calculate ROI. On the other hand, the benefits of new advertising campaign or marketing promotion are not reduced costs but increased …