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Instagram Adds ‘Recently Deleted’ Folder For Removed Content

Instagram will now send content removed from user profiles to a ‘Recently Deleted’ folder where it can be reviewed and restored.

Instagram Adds ‘Recently Deleted’ Folder For Removed Content

Instagram is adding a ‘Recently Deleted’ folder which gives users an opportunity to review their removed content before permanently deleting it.

Now, when users remove content from their account, it is immediately sent to Recently Deleted.

From there the content can be deleted permanently. Or, if users change their mind and wish to put the content back on their profile, they can restore it from the Recently Deleted folder.

The folder will include content like:

  • Photos and videos from your Profile
  • Photos and videos from your Instagram story
  • Instagram stories from highlights and your story archive
  • Reels
  • Direct Messages

Everything sent to the Recently Deleted folder will be automatically removed after 30 days, except for stories which will stay in the folder for up to 24 hours from when they were published.

If at any point within those 30 days users wish to review what they deleted they can access the folder by going to Settings > Account > Recently Deleted.

Make sure your Instagram app is updated to the latest version before relying on the Recently Deleted folder to save your content.

Another Use Case For ‘Recently Deleted’

This folder is sure to be helpful when users change their mind about deleting content, but Instagram points out another use for it.

Instagram notes how the Recently Deleted folder can protect users’ content in the event that their account gets hacked.

Sometimes hackers will delete content, leaving users without a way to get it back if it’s not stored on their phone.

In addition to introducing the Recently Deleted folder, Instagram is introducing safeguards against permanently deleting content.

Users will be required to prove they’re the account owner before either deleting or restoring content from the Recently Deleted folder.

Instagram Archive vs. Recently Deleted

Instagram says the Recently Deleted folder is a feature that’s regularly requested by users.

That’s interesting because the Instagram app has always had something similar in the form of account archives.

Previously, if users wanted to remove content from their profile but not delete it forever, they could archive it.

Archived content can be restored and/or permanently deleted at any time. From my understanding there’s no limit to how much content can be archived by a single account, nor is there a limit to how long content can stay archived.

In theory users could archive every piece of content they wish to remove and have the option to restore it days, months, or even years later. When content is archived it’s not accessible to anyone besides the user who published it.

In many ways the Instagram archive is better than the Recently Deleted folder when it comes to saving users’ content. That is, if users remember to manually archive their content.

An advantage of Recently Deleted is it’s automatic. There’s no need to remember to use it because it’s done for you. If you accidentally delete a piece of content instead of restoring it, it can be saved.

The Instagram archive isn’t going anywhere though, which means it can be used as a backup option. If you find the 30 days provided by the Recently Deleted folder isn’t enough, you can always send content to the archive instead.

Source: Instagram Blog


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