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Marketing automation tools are designed to manage a number of the routine tasks involved in growing and maintaining your business.

By streamlining a series of tasks and processes, marketing automation makes it possible for a small team to handle several layers of marketing activities that would be unachievable with traditional methods alone.

Understand what marketing automation actually is (and how it works)

Marketing automation is a technology solution that integrates marketing processes, technologies and data sources.

It’s an automated platform that handles repetitive tasks — like sending email campaigns, managing social media and tracking leads —while freeing up your time to focus on other tasks.

The key benefits of marketing automation are:

  • It allows you to manage all your marketing processes from one central location and automate routine activities so that they’re done at scale
  • It integrates digital marketing technologies like email, social media, customer relationship management (CRM) and analytics into one platform
  • It automatically delivers personalised emails, updates and other messages to prospects and customers based on their online behavior, preferences and previous interactions with your brand
  • It enables dynamic content personalisation through segmentation, which helps you reach out to prospects with highly relevant content
  • Marketing automation software connects multiple data sources such as web analytics, e-commerce data and CRM systems so that it can make decisions based on both structured and unstructured data

But, just like anything else in marketing, marketing automation only works if you actually use it…

Improve your data quality with easy to set up workflows

Marketing automation can help keep your marketing efforts more consistent by allowing you to create automated workflows that sync together multiple channels.

For example, you might use a workflow created in Salesforce to automatically synchronise new leads’ information with Google Analytics, HubSpot or Facebook so that it’s always up-to-date.

You can also set up triggers in Google Analytics to send notifications whenever there’s a sudden drop in site traffic, which could mean bad data is causing customers to leave your site before converting. This will help you identify problems and correct them faster.

Improved Lead Qualification through Marketing Automation

Marketing automation enables business owners to send out automated emails in response to actions made by potential customers. For example, if a lead views a specific web page on your site, an email will be sent out based on your pre-determined parameters for each segment of leads. The email will then have content which corresponds to the actions taken by the potential customer – whether it was viewing a certain product or making an inquiry about pricing or availability.

By organising and streamlining your lead nurturing efforts through automation, you are increasing the probability that prospects turn into paying customers. You are also saving yourself time – because you no longer need to manually track and follow up potential leads.

According to a Forrester study, companies using marketing automation tools send five times more qualified email campaigns than those who don’t automate their efforts. And according to a report from Marketo, marketers using marketing automation systems say they nurture leads twice as often as others without automation tools.

Improved marketing and sales collaboration and visibility

When done right, marketing automation will lead to improved marketing and sales collaboration. This is due to improved visibility and ability to collaborate. Marketing leads will become more visible to sales and they are able to see their journey. Marketing are able to track leads through to conversion and better prove ROI.

Marketing automation provides better visibility of where leads are coming from, such as social media or the website. With this information marketers can optimize their efforts in generating leads that convert into customers.

Ongoing A/B testing to improve measurable ROI

Marketing automation systems give you the ability to plan and execute more complex campaigns, measure the results, and use that data to inform future efforts.

Campaigns should serve a specific purpose. Marketing automation allows you to create a campaign with specific goals in mind — whether that’s generating sales or getting people to sign up for your email list. You can break down the process into smaller steps so that each action furthers those goals. The system can also help you implement A/B testing throughout the campaign. Instead of making large, sweeping changes based on intuition, this lets you make test small tweaks so that your campaigns can be continuously improved.

Scale a positive customer experience

Marketing automation allows you to consistently deliver an excellent customer experience in a scalable manner. This will improve customer satisfaction leading to improved retention and referrals. When implemented early on in your company’s history, marketing automation can help set the tone for your customer service efforts by ensuring that every person who interacts with your products or services receives an excellent experience.

With segmentation, you can automatically send targeted content to different customer segments based on previous behavior and preferences—such as content specific to their industry and stage in the buyer’s journey.

You can also create one-to-one personalization experiences that are customized based on individual customer behaviors or preferences—such as messages that encourage repeat purchases, upsells or cross sells of related products or services.

Take back the time spent on routine tasks and focus on where you can add value

Marketing automation frees you up to do more of the high-value work that will help you generate sales. In essence, marketing automation allows you to take back the time spent on routine tasks and instead focus on strategic areas where you can add the most value.

Marketing automation reduces the amount of time you spend on repetitive tasks such as email distribution lists, blog updates, lead generation and follow-up campaigns. It also increases efficiency, so you save time in multiple ways—including cutting down on wasted steps and errors as well as reducing redundant and unnecessary steps.

In Conclusion

The challenge marketers face is trying to communicate with the right prospects at the right time. By using marketing automation, brands are able to automate specific tasks and focus on delivering better marketing through inbound marketing activities. Marketing automation can help you organize your workflow so instead of spending all day on repetitive tasks, you can deliver more value for your business. Marketing isn’t about creating a ‘one-size fits all’ approach and hoping it works for everyone. It’s about delivering value and taking a personalized approach to reach your customers where they are, when they need it.

Marketing automation is an invaluable tool which helps to overcome a lot of marketing challenges that businesses face today. Implementing marketing automation in your business can bring several benefits and help you get rid of the administrative workload, so that you can focus on generating better results for your business.

If you are seeking a digital marketing partner that can help you successfully implement a marketing automation strategy, then get in touch and we can help.


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