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Marketing Publications

Looking to keep up-to-date with the latest industry news? Want to check out the newest campaign launch? See who’s been promoted to CEO this week? Then check out the industry publications below. A sneaky magazine subscription might even be in order…don’t forget…they’re tax deductable.


AdNews was founded in 1928 and is a fortnightly hard-copy magazine, with an accompanying daily email newsletter for subscribers. AdNews serves the advertising, marketing and media industries and includes profiles, news articles, market reports, trend spotting, recruitment and industry commentary.

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Australian Creative

Australian CREATIVE magazine is published eight times every year and distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand. The magazine caters for creative professionals working in graphic design, advertising, television production, digital media and photography. It was originally an insert in AdNews. However, its popularity quickly ensured that the magazine became a stand-alone publication.

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B&T was launched in 1950 as a fortnightly magazine called Broadcasting and Television. As the marketing, media, PR and advertising industries have evolved, so has B&T. The magazine now offers a variety of communication platforms including: a daily electronic newsletter, delivered to more than 20,000 email addresses every afternoon; the B&T website, which has over 250,000 page impressions per month; and the fortnightly hard-copy version.

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Crikey uses two main methods of communication: its website and its daily electronic newsletter. Crikey is an independent reporting forum and takes its responsibility as the fourth arm of the government very seriously. It is not a part of any of the Australian media groups. Its main focus areas are government, business, politics and the media.

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Encore Magazine

Encore is a monthly magazine is targeted at the Australian film and television industries which covers the latest news and developments in film, television and TVC production. With a 30 year history, Encore also boasts an on line component as well as a weekly electronic newsletter which is distributed to over 9,000 subscribers.

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Marketing Magazine

Marketing magazine is a monthly Australian publication which has been exploring the marketing industry (and the challenges faced by marketers) for close to 25 years. With a jam packed website, Marketing Magazine includes news, case studies, features, interviews, expert blogs, events and even job listings. Marketing Magazine also published special editions each year including Case Study Collections, Survival Guides and Design & Branding Directories.

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Media Week

Mediaweek is a trade magazine for the media industry (including press, television, digital, broadcast, outdoor and advertising media).There is a daily digital edition as well as a weekly hard copy version of the publication. Mediaweek was launched in 1990 by publisher Philip Luker and, in 1999, James Manning took over the reins as editor and publisher.

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In 2008, founding Editor-in-Chief, Tim Burrowes, launched mUmbrella. Mumbrella is an online forum for Australia’s media and marketing industries. It has three main editorial sections (News, Dr Mumbo diary, Opinion and Mumbo Report videos) and also has free listings for Jobs, Events, Freelancers and a business Directory. Prior to establishing mUmbrella, Tim Burrowes was Group Editor at Reed Business Information’s Media Group, as well as editor of B&T.

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Marketing Publications