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Welcome to the Australian Entertainment & Media Outlook 2020-2024, the 19th edition published by PwC Australia.

Like everything in 2020, this year’s Outlook is a little bit different. Amid the pandemic-induced economic shock in Australia, the entertainment and media industry is rapidly transforming. While some changes are likely temporary, COVID-19 has brought the future forward as shifts in consumer habits and advertising investment amplify and accelerate existing trends, and forge new opportunities for consumers, media and entertainment companies alike.

This year’s Outlook focuses on the impact of COVID-19 on consumption habits, consumer revenue, and advertising revenue across 12 segments, and the industry as a whole. The Outlook presents three possible paths of recovery and their implications. Specifically, the three scenarios that we have mapped this year are as follows:

  • Positive: A more rapid return to pre-COVID-19 advertising and consumer expenditure, opening of international borders and minimal ongoing negative impact from the pandemic.
  • Gradual: Approximately 18-24 months of recovery, with modest return to pre-COVID-19 trajectory, depending on structural impacts of the pandemic on the specific sector within the industry
  • Negative: Primarily linked to health factors, this scenario is based on a number of factors including an ongoing international lockdown, negative business sentiment and delayed vaccine implementation.


Free-to-air Television
Viewership remained strong throughout COVID-19, particularly for news and local reality programs.
Subscription Television
The subscription TV market is rapidly changing consumption behaviour and expectations of Australian viewers.
The newspaper sector is seeing an industry-wide focus on digital transformation and monetisation of valuable digital news formats.
Podcasts remain resilient during COVID-19, with steady growth in monthly listeners and advertising revenue.
Local artists have used technology and innovation to reinvigorate the sector in a challenging environment.
Internet Access
COVID-19 has demonstrated the value of a reliable NBN network with a dramatic increase in traffic this year.
Internet Advertising
Social distancing and lockdowns have further advanced Australians’ consumption of digital products.
Despite environmental challenges as a result of COVID-19, the OOH industry is well positioned to bounce back.
Interactive Games and E-Sports
COVID-19 introduced new audiences to esports, with the introduction of new events to satisfy Australians’ desire for sport content.
Filmed Entertainment
Cinema groups continue to evolve their offerings to create superior customer experiences.
Consumer Magazines
There is perhaps no medium to experience such transformative change this year as the magazine industry.
The Australian book industry continues to hold its share of consumer attention and spending.

Three potential trajectories post COVID-19



A more rapid return to pre-COVID advertising and consumer expenditure, the opening of international borders and minimal ongoing negative impact from the pandemic.

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