Media Sales Solutions

Frank Strazzulla
Target Media Sales

The media business is evolving rapidly. Economic uncertainty looks to be an ongoing reality. So publishers should be looking for creativity, intelligence, and especially experience when they consider adding or changing a media sales representative.

Today’s media sales representative needs to be ready to sell a your full range of products, from print to digital to events. Whether it’s a magazine display ad, an online directory sponsorship, or a trade show booth, your representative has to make the case for reaching the publisher’s unique audience through multiple channels. That’s a challenge.

And a greater challenge still is finding a media sales representative who understand each medium and make a compelling case to your prospective advertisers, sponsors and exhibitors. When found, they’re expensive to hire and retain. Junior sales representatives, on the other hand, have to be trained, and there’s always the risk they will leave for greener pastures as soon as they’re up to speed.

That’s why publishers should consider partnering with an independent media sales representative resentative like Target Media Sales. We can offer you the capabilities, experience and skill set you need at a price that’s based on actual sales revenues. As a commission representative resentative, we’re normally paid only when we make a sale. That’s in sharp contrast to direct sales employees who require an up-front investment in salaries, expenses and benefits.

We work with select list of top-flight publications. Only principals of the firm – not employees – will work on your publication, ensuring top quality representative presentation and a stable territory. We launched the business in 1989 and have had long-term relationships with a number of major for-profit and association-owned publications, delivering in many cases more ad pages and higher market-shares than the direct employees on their payroll.

So if you’re a publisher looking to upgrade your current sales situation with long-term, high-quality Western US or national representative presentation – let’s get in touch.