Media Sales Training, Generate profit from advertising sales

Media Sales Training in the modern world is about the understanding of how modern marketing works, and that is a subject that is changing all the time.

Media Sales Training, How To Generate Profit From Advertising Sales?

Who is this for?

Media sales leaders and their teams.

Media Sales Overview

Media Sales Training has changed hugely over the last fifteen years. When we began, working with regional newspapers and business titles, there was still, amazingly, a wariness of the digital world. Over the next few years our focus changed from straightforward media sales techniques to developing the way individuals sold their solutions, moving from cross platform advertising, to digital only campaigns.

Media Sales Training in the modern world is about the understanding of how modern marketing works, and that is a subject that is changing all the time.

Media Sales Training is the single most effective intervention you can make to increase sales in the short term. Companies that engage in sustained development programmes hold on to their talent for longer, in a highly competitive marketplace.

3 Reasons why you should use Reality Training to deliver Media Sales Training Programmes

1) We sold media for many years with leading brands such as UBM, Ziff Davis, Yellow Pages and Expedia. We train teams from B2B, B2C, National and Regional Press and Digital Brands.

2) Our book ‘The Death of Late Space – Your Guide to Success in Media Sales’ (2nd Edition) is the only book of its type and is now available on Kindle!

3) We deliver Media Sales Training programmes to larger groups – so you can get your sales force through our training more quickly and immediately see and experience the effect.

Media Sales Training clients include EMAP, UBM, William Reed, DMG, Newsquest, Travel Weekly, Aceville and the IOD.

Media Course Topics

We have a new series of Media Sales Training Programmes for 1,2 and 3 day courses. These courses cover but are not limited to:

  • Media Sales Training Induction
  • Account Management Training
  • The Reality Sales Structure for Media Sales
  • Rate Card Training (literally, a re-introduction to your advertising rates)
  • Media Sales Management – Inspiring and Managing a Media Sales Team
  • Media Recruitment
  • Presentation Skills
  • Digital Media Sales Training – see separate page


When we understand your challenges and opportunities we will develop bespoke training content for you. Then we can make sure the training content we develop helps you to reach your goals. Our Pre Training Survey to every delegate adds still further to the development of the training content. We ask each individual questions to give them the opportunity of sharing with us prior to the training programme their major challenges.

An essential element of our Media Sales Training is making sure our delegates understand the fundamentals of marketing. There is little point trying to sell advertising in any medium, or exhibition space, or sponsorship if you can’t work out the value of the marketing proposition for the customer.

What do we charge for Media Sales Training? Whatever our fees are (they’re reasonable) they are nowhere near as high as the cost of having a salesforce who are NOT performing as they should. Neither are they as high as the recruitment costs to replace top talent!

Make contact to talk about your objectives and see how working with us will increase your revenues and those of your advertisers and sponsors.

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