News Corp Education site Kids News to assist with home schooling

Education website Kids News is helping parents across Australia who has children at home without access to online learning from their school due to COVID-19. is now offering free daily lesson plans for at-home students during the disruption.

Each school day, qualified practicing teachers prepare a full day’s lesson plan on with a mix of fun and educational content, all linked to the National Curriculum for Prep-Year 2, Years 3-4, Years 5-6 and Years 7-9.

The lesson plans are linked to the National Curriculum and focus on literacy, numeracy, wellbeing, fitness, health, the arts and to help maintain students’ day-to-day school routines.

The Kids News brand has also expanded to support Kids@Home in the Hibernation section of News Corp’s metropolitan and regional papers. HiberNation which launched last week, contains practical advice and tips to help Australians with their lives during this crisis, including providing parents with much needed educational news, games, activities, recipes, fitness fun and viewing guides for all ages.

Chairman of the Herald & Weekly Times and News Corp Australia’s Community Ambassador Penny Fowler said: “The website was launched in 2017 as part of our News in the Community program and what better way to help the community than to assist families with their education needs at a time like this.”

Kids News publisher Toni Hetherington said: “Educators and parents have found the at-home plans and resources provided by Kids News to be invaluable. Parents appreciate that it’s written in appropriate language for children and matches the curriculum needs for their child’s age and learning levels.”