The Benefits of Outsourced Advertising Sales: Part II The Myths!

Myth: Bringing on an ad sales team will increase our budget.

Fact:  Not necessarily.

Many outsourced advertising sales teams are paid on commission, depending on the contract you negotiate. This means that they get paid for what they produce. Certainly, an in-house ad seller can be paid on commission, but there is still the cost to pay for insurance, benefits, equipment, etc. Those are fees that are not incurred bringing in outside ad sales team.

Additionally we have access to tracking and analytics tools, trade memberships, CRMs, marketing automation and advertising databases that are accessible for the client’s use without them having to purchase them for themselves.

Myth: Commission is fine, but a whole ad sales team? We can’t afford that.

Fact: Think of it this way, for the cost of hiring one person you can bring on a team with multiple sales reps, a staff for trafficking, production, marketing and even accounting. When weighing the cost of outsourced advertising sales you are actually paying for our entire advertising sales agency instead of just one person without the costs of hiring, insuring, and providing equipment for each one.

Myth: An outsourced advertising sales team doesn’t know my business like someone internal would.

Fact:  Maybe not, but they know how to sell ads. Outsourced advertising sales teams are ad sales specialists. Certainly product knowledge helps with making sales, which is why at AdBoom Advertising we have a client immersion process to get to know the organization and its target audience.  Our experienced ad sales staff then combines that information with our media research tools, databases, and relationship network to find the audience most likely to benefit from and buy the ad solutions you are offering.

Also, by working daily in the industry we understand its nuances and evolving nature. We are current and up-to-date on the latest in print and digital advertising. No need to worry about the difference between CPMs or CPCs, we got it covered.

Myth: We have been selling just fine on our own all this time.

Fact: Perhaps you have, but more staff, resources and partners are necessary to grow your organization. A larger salesforce with more tools supplements your current staff and resource offerings to facilitate increased revenue growth.  Production, marketing, and invoicing saves your staff time and allows them to focus on their individual projects and specialties.  In the event there is a stall in your current advertising sales program, we provide an objective perspective that can offer fresh solutions.

Our outsourced ad sales are marketing partners, an extension of your current ad sales team acting on behalf of your organization. Once we partner up, our tools are your tools. We also save you money by providing access to our online subscriptions, media research tools, and databases at no added cost.

Opting to invest in an outsourced ad sales team is an investment in increasing your organization’s time, money, and manpower resources.  We invite you to contact our advertising sales manager to learn more about how AdBoom Advertising can help ignite your revenue growth.

The Benefits of Outsourced Advertising Sales: Part II The Myths