Clemenger Media Sales, CMS, is Australia’s home of niche media.

Australia has hundreds of smaller niche publications. These consumer and business / trade publications play the most vital role within each of their specific industries.

IF you are a business and want to connect with your target market these media, publications, news portals are the key to managing stakeholders, customers, prospects.

Content marketing is vital, advertising is vital, working with the media to sell you as a market leader is key to ongoing profitability / communications management / demand management.

Be the message about a new product, a pending sale, a merger, a rebranding; what is the message – if you have a message you need the media.

Clemenger / CMS is your key to advertising, marketing, media, sales.

We give you the news to help you live and learn; BEST Tony Clemenger.


What is SmartyAds White Label DSP

SmartyAds White Label DSP is a completely customizable media buying platform tailored for brands, agencies, ad networks and resellers. It allows to build your own product without investing time into building RTB infrastructure. Get access to the latest technology and start generating revenue now!

SmartyAds White Label RTB platform guarantees clean, safe and engaging user experience. This programmatic multi-channel ad buying platform continuously processes bid requests via OpenRTB protocol and delivers ad tags in bid responses.

Challenges to Solve

There is no existing media buying infrastructure.

The cost for development is quite high when you are starting from scratch.

You can lose lots of time and resources on development.

SmartyAds Solution

SmartyAds White Label advertising platform allows building a custom UI.

It is easy to set up audience segments.

Ready for beta launch in 1 month.

Key Benefits

Global reach

Get access to thousands of publishers, ad networks and ad exchanges which support OpenRTB protocol to purchase ad space with lower price, but higher value.

Ad Formats

Different advertising formats available – display, mobile, video, native, etc.

Smart Optimization

Buying for the lowest possible price due to our optimization algorithms.

Precise targeting

Enjoy precise targeting to deliver your message to the right audience at the right time.

Inventory quality check

SmartyAds White Label DSP provides inventory quality check to ensure superb ad delivery.

Real-time analytics

Get stats by API in real time or observe it straight away in the dashboard.

White Label DSP Features

Efficient CampaignManagement

We created an easy to use interface to provide maximum convenience campaigns running.


Create the most precise targeting segments with unique advanced targeting capabilities: frequency capping, contextual targeting, URL targeting, retargeting.


Get most detailed quantity/quality reports & statistics by API in real-time or observe it on the dashboard.

The Modules

Core Programmatic Bidder

Our bidder provides fast real time interaction between auction participants, it processes a huge amount of data in a few seconds.


• GeoEdge User Security
• Second Price Predictor
• WinRate Optimizer
• Fill rate Booster
• Pacer

Front-end User Interface

The front-end interface was created to provide maximum convenience for creating campaigns, navigation, reading and searching of articles.


API allows using general bidder functionality without compromising the User Interface. SSP-connector – if you have direct agreements with SSP, you may operate their data via our Bidding platform. Settings include CMS to manage content pages, managing general start/pause endpoint, QPS rate, on/off traffic to specific user etc.


WinRate Optimiser

WinRate Optimiser allows optimizing Win Rates with the help of machine learning algorithms.

GeoEdge User Security

This multi-layered ad verification continuously verifies that ad quality parameters are in line with your predetermined policies.

Fill Rate Booster

We created special algorithms which analyze your statistics and allow to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Spend Pacer

This extension enables the option to spend campaign budget evenly throughout the day with respect to traffic daily rises and falls.
SmartyAds White Label RTB platform is 100% customizable self-serve solution that provides the opportunity to create and tailor to your specific needs your own media buying platform. Get access to superior ad serving technology!
Create Your Own Programmatic Universe

Create Your Own Programmatic Universe

with our White Label products and rule it the way you like!

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Create Your Own Programmatic Universe
with our White Label products and rule it the way you like

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