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Content strategy guide for digital marketing

What’s inside

Scale memorable content experiences with the right strategies and technologies

Customers expect brands to have an identifiable personality and style and are more likely to engage with brands that cater to their preferences, including how they like to consume and engage with content. Teams using old workflows and technologies struggle to meet these ever-increasing standards. Fortunately, there’s an efficient way to ensure every brand experience is consistent and enjoyable for customers. It requires modern marketers to first understand the four key pillars of memorable content experiences and then apply complementary strategies and technologies to scale them in accordance with today’s expanding digital ecosystem.

Download the guide for insight and execution tips on the following four pillars of memorable content experiences:

  • Relevance – Customers seek personalized content and they want it to be available on their favorite channels. Brands must be able to target content by device, location, and user preference to create effective personalized experiences.

  • Consistency – Each brand touchpoint should build on a customer’s overall experience with the brand. Those visiting a website, mobile app, or ecommerce storefront don’t care who manages products, localizes content, or manages delivery. They expect a unified voice and clear brand identity with every encounter.

  • Creativity – Attention spans are short. To keep customers engaged, brands must imagine, build, and deliver experiences that are unique, and perhaps unexpected.

  • Speed – Customers are trend-hungry — they’re always looking for the next big thing. If a brand can’t deliver on what’s up and coming in its industry, another will. Their teams need workflows and tools that allow them to quickly respond to market trends and customer desires.

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