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We bring you relevant news articles to help you understand media planning and buying; how to maximise your media investment. Content marketing is the norm; media sponsorships are the norm. We have dozens of media clients who can help you : do you want the front cover and lead story? Do you want your company logo on all the media assets? Do you want solus eDMs, banner advertising; do you want to own your target market : we can help you.

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Mirren Media Sales Remote Training

Advanced Remote Training to Systematically Build & Convert Pipelines of Qualified Advertising Leads – Quickly & Efficiently

Specializing in Sales for Digital, TV, Radio, Magazine, Newspaper, Out of Home

Customized to Your Unique Sales Objectives, Challenges, and Resources

Make Your Teams More Methodical & Consistent at Closing More Business

Advanced Remote Training for Media Sales Teams

Taking your sales teams off the street for training is not an easy proposition – unless it moves quickly to impact your revenue.

Mirren is a training firm that specializes in providing sales teams with advanced skills and tools to build more robust sales pipelines. Ultimately, the goal is to secure more accounts at higher rates – quickly and efficiently.

Customized for each sales team and organization, we apply the latest best practices of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) to target and convert high-value leads – more quickly and efficiently.

Breaking down each stage of the sales pipeline, your teams will learn how to provide more strategic value to your prospects. They’ll become strategic marketing advisors as they help identify prospect growth opportunities – and correlate your advertising offering to that growth potential.

Ad Sales Methods Have Changed Again

Methods that worked just several years ago are gone. Advertisers are demanding a greater return on their spend and they have more options than ever before to achieve this.

Combined with shifting consumer psychographics, new marketing technologies and challenging media buyers – you have some of the biggest challenges the industry has ever experienced. However, the growth opportunities are significant when you more effectively correlate your offering to client business impact. In fact, sell client ROI, not access to an audience.

Our team brings years of sales training experience, which includes backgrounds from both brand advertisers and the largest agencies in the business. Not only are we sales strategists, we’ve been pitched to by dozens of ad sales executives. We know brand advertisers and we know agencies, like no other sales training organization.

Turn Your Sales Teams Into Strategic Marketing Advisors, Ultimately Closing More Business – at Higher Rates

Here Are Ten of the Key Elements We Address in Our Custom Sales Training Programs

1. Accelerated Lead Generation:


Based on our on-going research with brand and agency buyers, we reveal exactly what they are now looking to buy – and, it’s changed again. Leverage this new insight to close more business.

2. Accelerated Lead Generation:


Apply a methodical qualification process to identify the highest margin leads you can most easily — and quickly — convert into new accounts. Then, prioritize your limited resources accordingly.

3. Accelerated Lead Generation:


Based on each stage of the sales pipeline, develop custom messaging to more effectively hook prospects and open doors – enabling you to sell in more business at higher rates.

4. Accelerated Lead Generation:


Leverage a specific type of messaging and content through social media, telephone, email, and referrals to accelerate your ability to get in the door with more prospects.

5. Accelerated Lead Conversion:


Apply a five-step systematic approach to more quickly craft media kits, sales presentations, and proposals that hit harder by being more focused on client business impact.

6. Accelerated Lead Conversion:


You have access to genuine consumer insight like no other. Learn how to leverage this critical asset to set up your proposals, hook your prospects, and close more business.

7. Accelerated Lead Conversion:


More effectively sell your full suite of integrated products – upgrading prospects to larger programs, including more innovative digital offerings.

8. Accelerated Lead Conversion:


Learn how to overcome twelve of the most common objections that brand advertisers and media agencies typically have. In fact, objections can often increase your odds of closing.

9. Recurring Lead Conversion:


Implement a multi-step process to more systematically identify and convert new revenue opportunities from every existing client. Often, this will be your highest margin business.

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