Sales Partnerships, Inc. Alleviates Local Economic Impact of COVID-19 by Large-Scale Volunteering


Bert with Volunteering America in Denver

Bert Fullwood feeding the homeless  at Volunteers of America


Sales Partnerships, Inc. (SPI) is a national US field sales organization operating in 47 states. With market shut-downs and stay-at-home orders in most states, SPI refocused its resources to help others.

Sales Partnerships’ Chief Sales Officer, Fred Kessler

We had a choice. As the epidemic hit, we lost the ability to engage in field sales face-to- face. Most of those same businesses aren’t responsive by phone – limiting the productive work we could do during the shelter in place and shut downs of non-essential businesses. With 140 field staff in limbo, we chose to ask them to go back into the field to help their communities with SPI footing the bill. It lets us make a difference in our communities while keeping our team engaged (and employed).


In March of this year, Sales Partnerships started working with non-profits of all sizes, from the American Red Cross to local food banks in cities ranging from San Francisco and Los Angeles to New York, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Denver, and others. Most state governments are providing lists of worthy non-profits who are helping the poor and those most negatively affected by the pandemic in the US.  Individuals can volunteer with these groups to help others while still maintaining social distancing and being safe.

Kessler again,

We knew we had a responsibility to help others. What was surprising was how much doing this brought our teams together. We had to encourage people to start this at first but it quickly caught fire and moved to being led by the field teams rather than corporate. We all feel somewhat helpless in the face of a global disaster – this allowed us to be empowered to make a difference.


In March alone, SPI’s team delivered food to more than 10,000 families in 30 states while also working in support roles elsewhere. This work will continue through at least April and May.

Sales Partnerships encourages other companies to volunteer their personnel to help worthy causes. More resources are available as to how you can help at:

State resources are available as well such as:




New York:




The SPI Team Doing Good



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