Offering email marketing services is a great way to boost your revenue for your agency

However, the longer you spend on creating each email for your clients, the narrower your profit margin. Using templates is the key to streamlining your email marketing services so you can create client emails faster and earn more from email services. 

Let’s take a look at the email marketing templates that are most likely to be used again and again, no matter which industry your clients are in.

Email templates agencies should always have on rotation

While the needs of your clients may differ, there are certain emails that nearly every company will have to send to their customers: Welcome emails, email newsletters, and promotional emails.

So, it’s a good idea to have at least one customizable template in rotation for each of these email types. Let’s take a look at some email templates available in our responsive template library.

Welcome email template

Welcome emails are a definite best practice for all companies. Not only do they have impressive open and click-through rates, but 74% of all consumers say they expect a welcome email after subscribing.

Ideally, a welcome email template is short and to the point, allowing readers to quickly attain the benefit they were promised for subscribing. This is why we recommend a template like this one, with a headline, some short body text, and a clear CTA button:

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An Agency’s Guide to Email Marketing Strategy

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Email newsletter template

Regular emails help build trust with your list and keep brands top-of-mind for their subscribers. This is why a newsletter is a staple email type for all companies.

To reach these goals, brand consistency in email newsletters is crucial. So, we recommend using newsletter templates that offer plenty of opportunities to customize the design for the brand.

For example, this email newsletter template offers a prominent place for a brand logo, emphasis on-brand colors, and the ability to use an on-brand font:


Sales email template

No matter what industry your clients are in, they will need to periodically ask for sales from their email list. This is where a conversion-focused email template comes in handy.

We recommend following a design best practice and using an inverted pyramid design in your sales email templates. This design structure intentionally draws readers’ eyes toward a single call-to-action at the bottom of the email, making it more likely they will take the action.

For example, this offer email template uses a wide headline, followed by slightly narrower body text, and then ends with the most narrow section at the bottom: A CTA button.


Customer journey templates

Customer journey templates are equally important for maximizing the time you spend on delivering email marketing services to your clients. Customer journeys use email automation to send emails around the clock based on subscriber actions rather than manual scheduling.

This means your clients can reap the benefits of email marketing for years after you set up a customer journey — without ongoing effort on your part.


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Additionally, automated emails perform better than standard emails, with 86% higher average open rates and 196% average click-through rates.

Let’s take a look at some of the common customer journey templates for agencies.

Reengagement journey

Reengagement journeys include emails designed to get unengaged subscribers to start reading your emails again, or, if they don’t, to delete them from your list so they don’t skew your email marketing metrics. This is why using a reengagement journey is crucial for getting good results for your clients.

For example, this email from Other Goose alerts readers that are in danger of being purged from the list and asks them to click a button to re-engage and stay on the list:


Feedback journey

Feedback journeys are typically triggered when a customer makes a purchase. The purpose of a feedback customer journey is to encourage customers to leave a review or a testimonial for the company.

Since all companies sell something, collecting feedback will almost certainly be part of their customer experience strategy.

For example, Marc Weldon sends this feedback email to customers:


Promotional journey

Promotional journeys trigger when your client is promoting an upcoming launch, such as a new product, special sale, new offer, or upcoming event.

Promotional journeys are designed to drum up excitement for the launch and drive sales. They are typically sent to your client’s entire list, but sometimes they are sent only to a relevant segment.

For example, Slack sent out this promotional email to highlight an upcoming event, with a call-to-action to “Register Now”:


Wrap up

Agencies who want to streamline their email marketing services should incorporate templates into their process to save time.

Whether you serve e-commerce, B2B, or non-profit clients, there are several email types and customer journeys that you can count on sending on behalf of your clients (such as welcome emails, email newsletters, and sales emails).

Save time (and therefore increase profit margins) by creating email and customer journey templates for these email types that you can use again and again for multiple clients.


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The Best Email Marketing Templates for Agencies